Saturday, July 12, 2008

Calling RALPH to the porcelain telephone!

We all made it through the Cedar Point trip! It was a blast, even though... well, I am not 16 anymore!

We left for our trip Thursday when the dads came home from work. We drove for about 10 minutes, then needed to stop for dinner, and while we were in the area, a Super Hero movie!

Then alas... on our way out of dodge! Because we were going to stay the night in a hotel for only about 8 hours, we didn't want to spend a ton of money on a room. We stayed in the Travelodge 10 minutes from the park. Against my better judgment, and the HORRIBLE reviews! Joel and I got to our room, while Mr. and Mrs. Smith went to theirs. There was a knock at the door, where Mr & Mrs asked, "Is your room cleaned?" Theirs was not! No sheets on the bed, dirty towels, etc. Se we called the front desk, and they had keys to a new room, a suite room! HOT TUB, and Mirrors on the ceiling! (Bount chicka bount bount!!!) Come to find out, they had a night of laughing hysterically at themselves in the circus mirror!

The next morning we headed out, taking the scenic Lake Erie route there. I love the Great Lakes! Our God is truly amazing, and when I see the HUGE lakes, I am reminded how amazing He really is!

In the park, ready, set, GO!!! 1st ride- The Cork Screw!!! Never one of my favorite rides, but good way to start the morning! It was great to see The Smiths, and their 10 year old excitement! It was followed by slight disappointment when The Dragster was not open. No race cars going up 420 feet today! Bummer, or alright with me?

Next up-The Magnum. Has been my favorite ride, since it opened, well, the year after it opened. The year it opened, my dad brided me with ANYTHING in the whole park, for me to go on it. I refused. The next year, I was trying to impress a boy, so I HAD to go! This year, when we got in line to go on it, I saw a 12 year old girl crying, and her dad, pushing her to go! Ahhh, the memories. After The Magnum, we all felt great. Short lines, great weather. Life was fantastic!

The third ride was, The Gemini. This ride has been around way longer then I have. It is a sissy ride compared to The Magnum. No problem, right? Um... problem... I got off this ride, ready to "toss my cookies". I was with three people who were all having a great time, and I didn't want to spoil anything. I just kept going, like I would be fine. No big deal.

The fourth ride (and final in my book, for a few hours) was The Mean Streak. It was literally MEAN! After the longest and tallest wooden roller coaster, my insides needed a break! The Mister and I went for a much needed lunch break. Mr and Mrs Smith kept pushing on. They went right for The Millennium (A$25 Million ride!). Joel and I rode that one in 2005, so we didn't need to go again.

After lunch we waited to see the Smiths come off what happened to be their favorite ride. They loved it, and thought that I was right... you look down when you are at the top, and everyone looks like little dots!

I was feeling a little better, so we took a ride, standing position, on The Mantis. Standing didn't make me feel any better then sitting. It was all the same no matter how I was tossed around. So, Joel and I hit the arcades, the sky cap, the baby swings, the train, and then a shady grassy spot for a little nap! In the meantime, The Smiths went right for The Power Tower.

We met up once again, chatted about how the rest of the day should play out. Then in the corner of my eye, I saw it... at 120MPH and 420 feet in the air, not a bird, not a plane, not a super hero, a RACE CAR! It was empty, but being tested!!! So we rushed over to the frightful, and dare devil ridden, THE DRAGSTER. Let me first tell you, Joel was really looking forward to going on this ride. We saw it the last time we were here, and weren't able to ride, because it was too windy. So we talked about riding this for quite some time. Then he saw it going up, and down, and he opted to take pictures, rather then ride. Isn't he sweet? Girly, but sweet! The ride is only 17 seconds long, so I thought, I would do it. It can't be that bad right? Joel took a video of the ride in action. He then took several pictures of me before the take off, during, and after. After I rode, he videoed Mr and Mrs Smith before the take off. Right before they left, the battery in the camera died, and he missed it. It is quite hilarious to see them in the waiting tank. The way it works, is you hear the hydraulics start to pump, you hear the gate fall, then you wait. There is a traffic light, that goes from Red light, to Green Light. This ride goes from 0-120 MPH in 3 seconds. It is unlike anything you can experience anywhere else.

I am glad I did it, but like The Millennium, never again, would be soon enough. After that, the day was pretty complete. Mrs Smith could have gone all night, and the next day too, but thankfully, the rest of us were all pooped!

About these two love birds. Since I have known them, all of 1 year, I have thought that they are the ultimate power couple. They are so great as husband and wife. So supportive of one another, and generous to each other. It was so fun to spend the day watching them lovingly gaze. Their sweetness had nothing to do with the fact, that I puked on the way back to their house, then again on the way to our house, and one last time when we got home. I am glad I could at least enjoy the day!


AMy said...

I so wanted to go on the dragster but it rained :( Bummer that you were sick the whole day. As for me I could ride a roller coaster over and over and over and still want to do it again...except for those pirate ships that rock back and forth slowly...ralph!

Jean Smith Photography said...

first of all, it was EIGHTEEN seconds of sheer fun and terror, and second, i LOVED your play by play of the whole day (felt like i was reliving it all over again).

seriously, we had SO much fun and are SOOOOO happy you guys could play with us. BUT...i can't even tell you how sorry i am that you were so sick!!! next time, we'll bring some serious dramamine...