Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random Cuteness!

I am headed out of town for 2 days! I am going to celebrate the last birthday in my 20's in the WINDY city! Shopping, eating, tasting and fun with moms! No kids! Much needed by all. Before I go, I have to post a few pics of Nora in June! Just plain and random, but SOOOOOO cute!

No, I wasn't punched in the face, I just have allergies. Oh well, my kid still has to take a bath!

I absolutely love the time of day when Nora is in her pj's. She is so snugly, and cute!

Really, she must want to be just like me! A girl that knows and cares about hygiene!

Life without allergies... wow... must be great!!!

Balloon Festival, minus the balloons!

Nora has a minor obsession with balloons. Hot air, cold air, no air, whatever. I think she really just likes to say the word. Don't we all have words we love to say? Mine is helicopter. Anyway... she loves to say balloons, and of course when she says it, I run her over to the computer, and we watch balloons on YOU TUBE for a straight 10 minutes. Then she wants more, and I am done! So, this weekend you can imagine her total excitement when I told her it was balloon Fest weekend!!! "You get to see balloons for real! Real up close, in your face hot air balloons! Aren't you excited?" She then runs to the computer and chants "Balloons..." and then begins the routine! So we went with our cousin to the FESTIVAL! Something that I have loved since I was a kid, and now I get to share that same love with my girl! We hit the carnival first. I took her on the Crazy Slide. Just to gripe for a minute. Nora was too little to go alone, so I had to go with her, and of course pay for her and me! $6.oo to stand in line for 15 minutes, and slide for 5 seconds! What a rip! When we got to the bottom, Nora said, "MORE MOMMA!!" Yeah right! So, that was interesting. Of course she doesn't understand money, and time. She just understands that last 5 seconds of her life! So I take a heart broken kid away from the slide in search for the next cheaper excitement! Thanks to cousin Ky, we were able to make this little girls life! Until it was over of course. I have always seen moms like me at carnivals, and thought... what a wacko! I can totally relate to those wacko's now, and I am one! Documented for the world to see, Noras first carnival ride...

When that was over, we said "Goodbye" to Auntie, and cousin (cousin number 3 had to eat... whatever! hehe)and met daddy at the launch pad. While he was saving us a place, he met a few pilots. We were able to run around the launch pad. Nora was wearing her squeaky shoes, so of course was attracting all sorts of attention. We met the photographer for the Daily Argus. He mentioned that he would love put Nora in the newspaper. Not only because of her squeaky shoes, he especially loved her pig tails that stuck straight up, and didn't even notice her shirt had hot air balloons on them. After I pointed that out, it was a for sure deal. OF COURSE! So, add another photographer friend to the list! After that I was able to document the rest of the launch pad experience!

She has been looking forward to this day for a week!

Hot dog in one hand, granola bar in the other!

Nora and daddy actually in a basket of a hot air balloon!

This is Nora being held by the pilot. She is really nervous, and excited to actually meet him. He admires her shirt, and her pig tails, and probably would have taken her up in the balloon, had we let him.

Nora says "My life is now complete. I met the man of my dreams!" (Oh and, there were umpteen million mullets too. I wish the few hair dressers out there that still cut mullets would say something to these poor people! Even David Beckam couldn't pull it off!!!!)

It was a very fun day for her. She loved every minute of it! Oh yeah, the balloons never did launch! They said it was too windy! What a bunch of wimps!

Thank you Grandma!!!

When my grandfather passed away in March, everyone asked Grandma, "What are you going to do now?" Her response was classic Grandma Staub, "I am going to spend more time with my grand kids." We can all agree that we have definitely seen her more, but I don't think it is us she really wants to see. She knows that if she wants to see the little kids, she has to see us! Either way, we love it, and we love her.

She came our way this weekend, with a purpose! She had no idea that her coming here would alter my life in some way. I haven't seen the affects of it yet, but it got me thinking, and I can't wait! The purpose of her coming, other then seeing her BEAUTIFUL, CHARMING, CARING, FAVORITE grand daughter (me of course), was to make a craft with the little kids. (Cousins... you know I'm KIDDING! We all know Natalie is the favorite!)

This craft is the most genius thing I have seen in a while. I asked grandma where she came up with the idea. Of course... she goes to the Red Cross to donate blood, and the cookies they gave her were magnificent! Cookies like that cannot be homemade, so she went to ask the workers where she could buy cookies like that? I can imagine her talking to a volunteer for an hour about these cookies. Turns out, they are homemade. Now, I am not kidding you when I say this, these taste just like the cookies that you can buy from the girl scouts, the peanut butter ones! Why didn't I think of this? This is my new treat that I will be bringing to pot lucks, road trips, parties, during All My Children, whatever (by the way, I don't watch soaps, I made that last one up). I have only tasted the ones that the kids made, kind of scary, but I can only imagine how yummy they will be.

Here are some pictures, and the description you are all dying to know.

Fist of all, I usually recommend store brand products, in this recipe, you must use the name brand. It really does make a difference. RITZ crackers, JIF Peanut Butter, and good quality chocolate. And do what Ky, Nora, and their Great Grandma do:

When you are done with that part, and ONLY when you are done with that part, you are allowed to do this:

Then of course, what is peanut butter without chocolate? GOOD CHOCOLATE!

So that is the short and sweet of it! Put them in the fridge for a half an hour, then you are ready to enjoy! If you do decide to make this with your kids, here is a little look at what you are in for:

Germ free of course!

Happy but dirty, KEEP IT REAL folks! Have fun with it!

I had to add this one of Alie, because I LOVE HER!!!! (Don't be mad)

And this one of Matt... he deserved it!

I had to add this one, because this hasn't happened since I quit nursing last... December. I miss these sweet moments with my daughter.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Allergy Saga!

You know how my first allergy shot was on Tuesday? Well, after I waited in the office for 30+ minutes, to insure I didn't have a deadly reaction, I went home, weeded the garden, played in the sand box with Nora, just piddled around the house for a little bit, and just happened to walk past a mirror and check out my makeupless self... AHHHHHH!!! OH MY!!!! The right side of my face had swolled up! "Was I in a fight? Did Rocky Ballboa have his way with me? Stay calm!" I remember the nurse saying if there was a reaction, take some Benedryl, and stay calm. So, that is what I did. Super calm, benedryl, life is good! Later that day, I was reading over the random literature the doctors office sent me home with, and it said that before my next shot, I need to inform the nurse of any reaction. It was too late to call on Tuesday, so sometime during my crazy Wednesday, I called the office.

Me: "I just wanted to call and let the nurse know, that I had a slight reaction to the shot that I got yesterday."
Receptionist/Nurse: "What kind of reaction?"
Me: "Well, no big deal, my face just swolled up a little. I took some Benedryl, and it went down, and I am fine."
Nurse: "Your face swolled up? Ummm... hang on."
Me: "OK" (dooody, doooo, hmmmmm, mmmm, I smell something burning.... uh-oh!)
Nurse: "Mrs. Evans, we need to see you in this office immediately! Can you come in right now?"

The question was almost comical. Three kids, whining for lunch. Grilled cheese burning on the stove, Cheerios all over the floor (just keepin it real folks!!!)... hmmm, let me think about that?

Me: "Really, this is not a big problem, I took some Benedryl, and really, I am fine. There is absolutely NO way I can make it in there today. Not for something like this. It's not like my throat has closed up, or I am deathly ill. I am fine, I just needed to let you know, according to the literature YOU gave me."
Nurse: "How about tomorrow, can you come in first thing tomorrow?"
Me: "Fine, I'll be there first thing tomorrow!"

So Thursday morning, I went into the office, with Nora, had a visit with the doctor.

Now, the results;
Apparently they told me this, but I either didn't bother paying attention, because really, they are just allergies, or they really didn't tell me. Either way, I didn't get the memo. (I really don't think they told me!) They recommend that 2 hours prior to, and 2 hours after the shot, you do not expose yourself to anything that causes an allergic reaction. Along with that, you can not exceed a body temperature of 98 degrees. Also, when they give that recommendation, it is erring on the side of caution, and a half an hour should really be fine. So, the fact that when I got home from the shot appointment, and weeded the garden, and played in the sand in 90 degree sun... was not good! However, the fact that I did have a reaction more then 1 hour after the administration was cause for concern. So, because I am extremely allergic! the recommendation for me is this; the day of the shot, do not expose yourself to any of the things that may cause a reaction. The day of the shot, do not go to the gym to work out, do not go tanning (yeah, started tanning before I work out, just a little), and beginning next week, instead of the normal 500,000 mg of serum, you will only get 50,000 mg. (Something like that). This is the entire day of. If you read my post about what I am allergic to, you will know that this recommendation is IMPOSSIBLE. Unless I quit breathing, or literally, wear a bubble.

What the heck! I am trying to evaluate, is it really worth it? The main reason I want to get rid of this, is how awful I look! Am I that vain, that I would put myself through this misery to look better? I want to be normal! I want to play outside with my daughter! I want to pick strawberries, and watch fireworks, and play in the park, and go to the beach, and AHHHHHH!!!!

Help me with this theory Joel and I are working on: The allergy shot is actually a liquid form of what I am allergic to. The way it works, is the shot builds up your tolerance. So if I just roll in it, and swim in the stuff, then eventually I will build up the tolerance on my own! Right? Be thankful that you don't have allergies to your entire life!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It is really late, and this just goes to show... "Nothing good happens after midnight"!

I thought I would fancy up my page. Well, I did, but lost all my stuff I had on there. Is there anyway to get it back? Maybe when I am well rested I can figure it out! BIG FAT BUMMER!!! :(

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Keepin It Real

Joel said to me the other day, "Your blog is always happy, and positive. Don't you think people will stop believing you, and think you can't be happy and positive ALL THE TIME?"

So, I got to thinking, and thought, there are some things in our lives that may not be the most uplifting. I looked around other blogs, and didn't see a lot of posts on negative, and unhappy things. There are some out there, and I even enjoy reading some of them. Here are a few things in my life, that I have to "Keep it real".

DISCLAIMER: Overly super happy people, quit reading now. This post will not be held responsible for any negative thoughts by the reader, of the author or the individuals involved in the posts.

I have not worn eye make-up in two weeks. Which is a HUGE deal for me. I usually don't wear a lot of make up, but my eyes are the one thing that must have some color, and definition. Nope... not since the 15th of June. Just keepin it real!

The good news is, I got my first allergy shot today, and it wasn't so bad. I am 1/37 of the way there! (Sorry Joel, is that too positive?)

At the beginning of the month, when I thought, "I can take a Claritin, they don't make you drowsey...." I zonked out! Nora played tea party while I sawed a few logs! Sorry, baby girl! When I woke up, this is what I saw!

What you don't see, is the three stickers all over my face. I still to this day, don't know where these stickers came from, and cannot figure out how she got her clothes off. Just keepin it real!

The dishes in my dishwasher have been clean since Sunday!
The whites in my dryer have been clean since last Wednesday!
I have three cases of craft "crap" that is waiting to be crafted!
I also have 1 box of stuff to ebay, that Joel and I have wanted to ebay since... May... of 2007!

Just keepin it real people. My intent to blog is never to show the person who I want to be. It shows the people WE ARE!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Make 'em HAPPY-Monday!

I saw this great idea on a random blog! Since I had a bunch of grapes that were a day away from being mushy, and some sucker sticks that didn't get used for the baby shower I was planning, because the baby came early, I thought we would try it out.

Then stick 'em in the freezer for... several hours. These kids could only wait 4 hours...


Maggie: " I know that it took a really long time for them to freeze, it was worth waiting for becuase they were really yummy"!

Ryan: "They were stick-a-licious, juicy-a-licious, freez-a-licious. Get it?"

Me: "Nora, did you like them?"
Nora: "Yeah"
Me: "Were they freez-a-licious?"
Nora: "Yeah"
Me: "Anything else you want to say about these grape freeze things?"
Nora: "Yeah"
Me: "OK, What?"
Nora: "Mmmmore?"

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I was at lunch with a friend the other day, telling her how much I admire her blog, and how even my mom enjoys her blog. We got into the discussion how she can't believe I check her blog that often, to know when she puts a new post up! Ok, friends, there are some of you out there that have been blogging a long time, and some of you that are new to the community, like me. This next piece of information will come to you either as old news, or the best news you have had all year! The brains at Google have thought of it all! Instead of having to check every ones blog everyday for updates, you can install Google Reader. Every time a website is updated, Google Reader tells you. It is really great, and I don't know how I lived without it! If you have any questions about it, let me know!

Speaking of Google, super sweet story, (if you have time to read, otherwise... not that important!):

Joel manages the office building that Google rents. He says that it is so sweet! They have a super awesome setup for their employees, and if this property management gig doesn't work out, he says, he will go work at Google for free! Anyway, Michigan has recently tried to help the economy, and is giving a HUGE tax break, (the biggest in the US) for anyone who makes movies in our state. So there has been a lot of movie producers, and directors, checking out the state. Last week, Drew Berrymore was here, and was looking for a space to house her production company. Joel's company is the largest Property Management Company in Ann Arbor, and Ann Arbor is the most liberal, tree huggin, funkiest town around, (P.S. I LOVE ANN ARBOR!), of course a star like Drew Berrymore would check out Ann Arbor! So the CEO of Joel's company was showing her around. She wanted the BIGGEST openest space they had. They have a space right downtown, near the BIG HOUSE, that sounded perfect. The reason she needed the biggest space around was because she has a "Portable" track that she has to have inside the space. Apparently, this portable track has been custom made for her, and lives where ever she lives. She saw the space, loved the space. The track would fit in the space, but... the space wasn't big enough to get the track in. So, Drew will not be living in Ann Arbor! Maybe Detroit? Birmingham? Bloomfield Hills? Who knows! Be on the look out!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

MCP Actions

Jodi from MCP was the first photographer to post pictures from The Secret Workshop. Because she was the first, she wins the award for the promptest photographer I KNOW!!!! I was poking around her website, and she has lots of tips, free downloads, editorials, editing tips, and fun stuff that if I were a photographer, I would go nuts for! Thanks Jodi! I love the pictures, and the speediness of your post!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Moving to where I don't have to BREATHE!

For the last three weeks, I have been SUFFERING from allergies! One of the many gifts I received when I became pregnant 2 years ago. When I was little, I had an allergy to cats. I knew that. When I was pregnant, I had more allergy signs then ever. In the last two years, it has gotten worse and worse. So today I went to have a skin test done. If you aren't familiar with this process, let me fill you in: You lay on your stomach (buff), the nurse then draws dots all over your back, 42 in total. Then she takes a tray of tiny needles, that all have some sort of trace on them relating to the substance that is being tested. Once the test is done, based on the reaction, you learn what you are allergic to.

After my back was poked 42 times, this is what happened...

Nurse: "OK, now I am going to leave you here for 15-20 minutes. Your back will start to itch, but please try very hard not to scratch it."

Me: "OK" (WHATEVER! I cannot control myself! If it itches... I have to scratch it! Be calm... look at this magazine. NOT WORKING... ok, sing a song, (I keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding love)... Still not working... ok, let's play a game on my phone. Reach to get the phone, and on the way back... one tiny little itch won't hurt! Oh but it feels so good!!!!!)

Nurse enters exam room: "OH MY GOODNESS!"

Me: "Really, I only scratched it once, I PROMISE!"

Nurse: "Not that, but the test is for sure positive! Generally we wait at least 15 minutes to tell, but I know after 4 minutes. You have allergies!"

Me: "To what?"

Nurse: "Well, everything!"

Me: "Does that mean I can scratch my back now! IT REALLY ITCHES!"

Then the doc came in, she measured the size of the reaction, then gave me the results. On a scale of 1-4, 4 being the most allergic, here are the results:

Early Trees- 4+
Late Trees- 4+
Grasses- 4+
Cockroach- 4 (does that mean what I think it means, is that the bug?)
Feather Mix- 4
Dust Mites- 4+
Weeds- 4+
Ragweed- 4
Seasonal Mold- 4
Perennial Mold- 4
Cats- 4+
Dogs- 4
Horses- 4

So this weekend, we will be getting rid of our down filled comforter and pillows, all the new trees Joel planted, all the old trees, all the grass, and all the weeds, the dog, the neighbors horses. I am pretty sure there isn't mold in the house. I pray there aren't cockroaches! And I will have to dust more! Or just move to a place where I don't have to worry about breathing!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day of FOOD!

I am so blessed! I have a great father with so many great qualities. I have a father-in-law that also has great qualities! My daughter is so lucky to have a dad, that has all those same great qualities, PLUS... he is soooo cute!

For fathers day, Nora wanted dad to have great food ALL day! She made his favorite breakfast; burn bacon (no really, he loves burn bacon), scrambled eggs, juice and fruit. For dinner she made lasagna, and cheese cake! It was a fun day.

Notice the black to polish? I won rock, paper, scissors!!!!

Such the "Stage MOM"

On Saturday Nora went to Flint to "model" for the photographer at the "Secret Workshop". She was one of about 25 kids. All ranging in ages from 15 down to Nora. I think she was the youngest. Cheryl Murh had her daughter there that was almost one. Anyways, it was so funny! I immediately turned into the mom that watched on the side line, BEAMING! Nora did really well. She had no problem at all posing for 50 (just a guess) eager photographers! I was so involved in making sure she did OK, I didn't even really get good pictures of her. I only took 2 pictures the whole day. I am waiting for the photographers to get home, and post process the pictures, then maybe you will see her on a few websites. Who knows???? Here are the two pics I took.

This is a pic of all the action! We were in an alley in Flint (SCARY). But the architecture was really cool, and there were lots of great shots.

This photographer was shooting Nora FOREVER! I thought I was funny, because she was giving Nora all sorts of attention, and Nora was just eating it up.

I am really excited to see the pictures! Man, do I love photography, or WHAT?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yet again... ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHY session!

If you weren't tired of hearing me talk all about my girl and her modeling, you will be after next week! I really need to start looking into getting her an agent! She had another photo session. This time it was a DIFFERENT photographer. Her name is Laurel. She has an amazing studio at her house, along with a huge back yard, and even a metro park in her back yard! So as far as photographers go, this girl new what she was doing when they bought their house!

On her blog (see link above) she tells the whole story behind the pictures. It was so sweet. I hope that one day, these cute girls will be college roommates, and they will have these super sweet pictures.

Nora has become known for her pig tails. Someone at church said she looks just like "Boo" from Monsters Inc. and someone else at church said that because of her pig tails, we will always get great reception in sacrament meeting. I love them, and will be sad when they aren't as cute!

So in advance... this weekend there is another photo session that Nora gets to be a part of. I may share details after, or I may spare you all! It really is a mothers dream come true. Who wouldn't love photographers that "shutter" over their child? And I want all these MEGA SUPER STAR photographers, I LOVE IT, and I am not tired of it at all! I am so grateful, that you so willingly incorporate my girl into your business, and making her feel so special!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Not a marathon, but a 5K...

One week while about to die in beach body boot camp, Alie said to me, "You and I are going to train for and run a marathon". HAAAAHAAAA!!! That was even funnier then the 8 thousand pilates push ups we had to do! I guess my brother said that she couldn't convince me to do it. Which he is 100% right! Then I tried to convince Joel to go with her. Joel is a high school and college track star! so this is something I thought he would be geeked about. Apparently he isn't a "distance" runner. (Sure... he just didn't want to get beat by his sister-in-law.) So as of last night, I am training for a 5K race. I know... it is not any big deal at all. What is it like 3 miles? But for me, I am not a runner. If you know me at all, you know I am quite the opposite. I am a walker, and a SLOW one! Anyways, I thought it would be a good personal goal, and something that I can focus one, and train for. So on September 27th, come see me fulfill my lifetime dream of running a 5K at the Kennsington Metro Park!!!! If these ladies can do, I can .... Right? Eeeeek!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Strawberry Stud Muffin is BORN!

Sometime last month, when I bought a schloo of my favorite strawberries at Costco, I made strawberry muffins. I thought they were... O.K. Joel on the other hand... well here is the email he sent in refrence to my muffins!

> From: Joel Evans
> Subject: Lament of the last muffin
> To: "'kirstynnlq
> Date: Thursday, May 22, 2008, 10:38 AM

> To start a day hungry is yuck. To start a day with a muffin
> or four is grand. My life has been brighter evey day this
> week nibbling the tasty strawbery love you baked for me.
> Today i took the last muffin. Only one bite left... And its
> gone. So i morn the end of happy days. I weep for the empty
> bellys to come. I whale aloud knowing tomarow will be
> muffinless. Thank you for the joy you have given me. More
> please?

Some day he'll read this blog, and will be very embarrassed that I publicly outed him as a sensitive guy!

Anyways.... three weeks later, I make more muffins! It is always nice to be appreciated for the simple things. If they make him happy, then it is my pleasure to serve! I am also going to use them to bribe my brothers father-in-law into teaching Sunday School next Sunday for me... hehehe!!!

I have been playing around with my camera, the settings and the lighting, etc. I really don't know what I am doing, and reading the stinkin manual is not what I want to do in my free time. By the way, this is my current camera, that I am trying to get along with until I prove to Him, how much I want the new one. Still working on it! Here are some cooking shots. Please... I need feedback! What am I doing wrong? What should I change? What looks alright?

Cleaned, and chopped strawberries... the essence of the muffin.

1/2 Cup half and half (I used whole milk)

SO, I know my laptop is in this pic, but other then that I really like this. Am I wrong?

Gently folded, I like, it's coming together!

Why does it look sooo blue? What did I do? HEEEEEELLLLLP!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Custom Dresses!

Our Disney trip is fast approaching! OK, well, not that fast. In 92 days. Either way, we are getting a little anxious. Last week Alie and I were checking out the "Going out of business sale" at the Disney store at the 12 Oakes Mall. There weren't any cute princess dresses, but there were some cute tights! Nora and Marley both got these purple and white striped footless tights. Which is what inspired me to make matching dresses. My friend Jenni, used to be a Home Ec. teacher. She is sew bucco talanted! She made Nora a dress a few weeks ago, and so I asked her if she would help me make another one for Nora and her cousin. That is what we did yesterday. It was really fun, and our creative juices were flowing! She is inspired by Matilda Jane. Here is Nora in her new dress. Thanks Jenni! You are so super talented! I love you to bits!!!!

Next weekend Nora is modeling for a "Secret Workshop" put on by the talented Cheryl Muir. And I am hoping she can wear the dress, and the tights! I will let you know how it goes, and of course post pics!!!