Sunday, January 31, 2010

SNOW in the forecast!

Yeah... we've heard that before, and what the people down here think is snow, is an average day in Michigan. Its almost like, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". We never really know if we should believe the weather reports. Saturday morning when we woke up, I felt like we were in Michigan again. It was so beautiful, and there was LOTS of SNOW! When Nora woke up, and we showed her what Mother Nature delivered us, she was so excited. This sort of snow only happens here once every five years or so. Lucky us! We watched as our neighbors used CD's to scrape off their cars, or kitchen utensils. We chuckled when we realized that no one around here has snow shovels, or snow pants. There was also lots of ice on the roads, and from what we hear, nobody really knows how to drive on ice, so we hunkered down for the weekend. On the news, we saw that big pick up trucks we getting stuck in intersections, because they didn't have any weight in the back. Joel went to church early Sunday morning to help clear the side walks. He showed the boys a thing or two about shoveling, and they knocked it out in time. Then we didn't even make it to church. Apparently we weren't the only ones. There were about 20 people there, and they only held the first hour of service, and sent everyone home. Schools have already been canceled for Monday. The issue here is, they do not have the equipment to maintain the roads in these conditions. So, it is safer if everyone just stays home, and waits for it to warm up. Which will be tomorrow! I love the snow when it comes for two days, then leaves for the rest of the year. That is what I call winter. Then we can fully appreciate all four seasons.

We went outside to build a snowman, and the snow wasn't right... so we just threw snow at each other. We left most of our snow clothes back in Michigan, so we had to be creative. Suprisingly, Nora loved the snow, and wasn't shy at all to get down in it. And eat it!

After playing in the snow, we had some yummy homemade hot chocolate, (not homemade marshmallows though... mom, we would have loved your marshmallows this weekend!) We were all enjoying the treat. Then we told Nora that the snow would be gone in a couple of days. And then we told daddy he had to go back to work tomorrow. Then we told Smith he's too little to go in the snow, and maybe when he turns 5 he'll see snow again. Then mommy went to grab a diet coke, because I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

Moby...He'll LOVE it!

I had a friend recommend this MOBY WRAP. I read reviews, and got other recommendations, and ordered one right away. It sat in our storage for 5 months... before we actually got to use it. Smith LOVES this thing. He instantly falls asleep, and frees up my arms to do whatever I need. I will put the Moby on at the beginning of the day, and then drive with it on, and put him in it when we get where ever. The grocery store, moms groups, the mall, Noras dance class, church activities. It is really great! So, it is my "PRODUCT" pay it forward.

Of course, he is getting to the age, that he will be spoiled by it soon, so I have to use it less at home, and more when we are out and about. Tough love goes a long way! and is much easier with baby number two!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Smith is MIGHTY!

Joel wanted to name Smith, "MIGHTY". Really, no joke! He thought that if you have a name like "MIGHTY" then you will go on to do "MIGHTY" things in life. I am glad we didn't name him that, but I think that he would have fit the name, if we had. When Smith was 4 days old, he had to be re-admitted because of Jaundice. I stayed with him over night to nurse him. It was very emotional, and scary for me. It was totally routine, and happens all the time, but I was still a wreck! I wanted to be at HOME with my baby. When he left the hospital the first time, his belirubin score was 11, normal. When he was admitted 4 days later is was 22, WAY above normal. Our goal was to get the score back to 11, 12, 13ish. In order to test the score, every 4 hours he had to have his foot pricked, and then squished to fill a vile of blood. It was traumatic for him and I both! Every 4 hours, I had to go visit the snack bar, or vending machines. I couldn't be in ear shot, or I would attack like a momma bear! By the next morning his score was 13. He is mighty! His poor poor little tiny foot!

His first day at church, Joel was able to administer Smiths blessing. Something all babies receive in our church. It is where he was given his name, and a few other blessings daddy thought were appropriate for him. It was no surprise that the word "MIGHTY" was used, but not for his name, phew! Smith looked precious on his blessing day, so I had to steal a few shots!

Lulu and Papa made it down for the special event, and to meet their new grandson! Papa participated in the blessing too. Thank you dad! And we caught our first family of four photo. The big bags under my eyes, say it all! I really try to look put together, but at times, there is not enough concealer in the world! It's ok... you can judge me!

Los dulces

... means "candy" in Spanish. Our friends vacationed in Mexico over the holidays, and brought us back some los dulces. It's an acquired taste! Lots of hot chile. We tried it all though, and enjoyed Noras discussed reaction. It's the thought that counts, and we are so glad you thought of us... Thanks Cisneros!

REAL men wear pink!

While at Target last night, I found a bargin! I love bargins, but this one had to be approved by daddy. You see, when I had Nora, I made sure to get mostly gender neutral "stuff". My sister in law let me borrow a bouncy seat for Nora, so we didn't have one for Smith. So when I found this deal at Target, and it was pink... I weighed the pros and cons, called Joel, and he said what every wife wants to hear during this phone call, "Whatever makes you happy."So we bought it, and set it up for our little man. Even though it's pink, we still think he looks good in it, although... he may think otherwise.

Noraism: Wishing on a Star

Last night Nora and I had a "girls night out". She got to stay up late, and was able to tell us where to go, and what to do. She chose to go to Target, (that's my girl), and wanted to get Princess and Frog panties. With Princess Frog on the brain: we left the house, and it was dark out. Very VERY rarely does my child exist outside when it is dark. She usually turns into a pumpkin around 7pm. But last night she saw some stars in the sky, and was EXCITED.

Nora: Mommy, what do you wish for?
Mommy: I wish for a happy daughter, who listens to her mommy! Nora, what do you wish for?
Nora: I wish for curly hair! A ring from my prince, and Princess and Frog panties.

I really thought the princess thing was a phase, and maybe it is... but will this phase go away before she thinks she really truly is a princess? Please?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lets call it... UNTITLED

Pay it forward...

How sad, that I haven't blogged in a really long time. We will see how long my favorite little boy gives me, before he beckons me, aka... my yumminess!!!

I had to blog about something that brought tears to my eyes, and I couldn't wait another moment.

Last night, we went to dinner with some very dear friends of ours. We were celebrating Joe's birthday! Yay... Happy Birthday JOE!!! We love you!!! Anyways, we went to his favorite place. I local/trendy/happening place that we have never been before, but we loved. Five 01 City Grill. We have Lulu and papa in town, so we left them home with Nora, which they loved, but the birthday boy was less in love with! (Nora and Joe are like BFFs, or something!!!) Smith made his first public appearance! So, Saturday night, three couples, new baby, fun restraint. While our friend Dana was holding, googling over Smith, the table next to ours, was also admiring/googling over him. They were 2 beautiful women in their early-mid 60s (was my guess), they looked like they could be sisters, but also best friends. They asked about Smith, how old, how big, the usual... and then one of the women proceeded to tell us about her 42year old baby, who is 240 lbs, and 6ft 2. I could tell that she was either an amazing grandma, or had a BIG mommas boy somewhere. She left to use the restroom, and stopped to talk personally to me about her baby, and how beautiful she thought Smith was. She went out of her way to make me feel very special. I was touched. As they left, they again stopped to talk to us, and gave a little bit of mommy advice, which I always think is precious. I kept thinking what a sweet lady she was, and that she really made me feel warm and fuzzy with her special comments. If I could adopt a local grammy... she is who I would look for! =) After the women were long and gone, our waitress came to our table, and said, "The women at the table, were so impressed with your party, and they thought you were all so happy, and such beautiful families, they picked up your bill." Now, I have heard of these sort of things happening, but never has it ever happened to me. I felt like the poor distraught waitress that was left $100.00 tip. Our whole party was so ecstatic. It was such a nice gesture. It was nice that we got out of having to pay, but what was even nicer, was that she made it a point to make me feel good. She could have left without paying our bill, and I would have been just as impressed with her generosity.

So, sometime this week, I will pay it forward, and I would encourage anyone else to do the same. It doesn't have to cost any money, or it could cost as much as you can afford. Just the fact, that you can make someone else feel good about themselves in such a simple way. These are just a few pictures. The guys... The girls... and the booth of 2 special ladies!