Friday, October 31, 2008

Family Pictures!

What pressure! My friend Jean Smith is a photographer. She has made quite the name for herself here in Michigan, and wherever she goes, I am sure. Her work is so great, that it raises so much pressure to perform for her camera. Wednesday was the day! There were wardrobe changes right up until the minute we got there! The weather was frigid! The daddy was crabby! The girl was "diva-ish"! The mom was thin on patience for the un-coopreative ones in the family! The session lasted less then an hour! At the end, I thought, "I know she is good, but how the heck to you make something out of nothing?" It haunted me. I know how incredibly busy Jean is, and how valuable her time is to her clients, and her family. I know that she takes a tremendous amount of pride in her work, and it takes time, and skill to do what she does. The short lecture, given to baby and daddy, following the session was... not well received. I said to myself... "There will be at least one good one..." trying to convince myself. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw this...

and three other freakishly great pictures. JEAN SMITH... YOU SCARE ME! I DON"T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT! And I LOVE YOU! Check out the other spooky pictures on her blog!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I was tagged by my super awesome blogging cousin NAT! I was tagged a while ago on this one too, but I ignored it... sorry, I am sooo lame! But since I have been on a blogging spree lately, it was time I better do it!

You are supposed to take the 4th picture in the 4 folder of you MYPICTURES. Then give a brief description, and then tag 4 people. Here is the picture...

I don't know that I can give a brief description about it. It was one of the first time I started playing with my new camera, and changing all the settings, and playing around. So, here it is! Isn't the composition just stunning? Hah!

I would like to tag my photog friends, I know you have some screw up pictures out there, now lets see them! So... Jennifer, Jean, Laurel, Whitney.... lets see em!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cookie Carny! Spooky Cookie!

This is the second of my Cookie Carnival posts. I realize I did a cookie post just yesterday, and the post before that was about cake, and I have a cupcake post also in the works. I must have a sweet tooth! With Halloween coming up this week, I predict more gym time in the near future!

So onto the Cookie Carnies! This month was another Martha cookie, and another sandwich cookie! I am not sure there is much to say about them. Remember "CP"? He was worried about his reputation, and was worried he would like the cookies too much, so he didn't even try them. He knows that I would blog about it, so he had to sneak a couple on the DL. I can't comment on his status regarding the cookie.

I can make a few comments of my own though...

1) I thought they were fabulously adorable!
2) They looked better then they tasted!
3) They were very easy to make!
4) I love them most because I like to say WHOOPIE! It reminds me of "The Newlywed Game" from the 70's when Bob Eubanks would ask, "Where would your wife say, was the first place you made whoopee? Upstairs, downstairs, or on the stairs?" Then the wife would beat her new husband with a cue card, because he said, upstairs, and really that was her sister, clearly their first time was on the stairs!

Anyways, onto the cookies... (I LOVE GSN!)
Here they are:
Mini pumpkin WHOOPIE pies!
Click HERE for the recipe...

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Dreadful Moving day!

No, it's not what you think. If we had to move, I don't think it would be dreadful... I think it would be an adventure. There are NO plans for us to move anytime soon. However, in this horrific economy, my husband, not only hangs on to his job, but he gets promotions! WAY TO GO BABES! (Nothing is set in stone yet, but he is highly favored for the position, and the alone is comforting for me!)Congrats...

Anyways, this weekend, I dressed Nora in a Halloween costume, and we took her shopping. Then we met g'me and g'pa for lunch! They hadn't been out for a while, and had a birthday present for Nora. It literally was...

So needless to say, Saturday was a busy day.

The reason this post is called dreadful... now that the house is here, there are lots and lots of little pieces of things all over. I have to make sure that my path to Noras room, is clear, before I go to bed. That could really hurt!

Break dancing! on the kitchen floor!

Joel started teaching Nora some of his ju jit zoo (not at all how it is spelled, but I like to sound it out!) moves. She was pretty good.

No Bake treat!

This was my first recipe I taught myself to bake, or... NOT BAKE! I remember coming home from school, and wanting to make myself a snack. The thought was that I would make these cookies. The waiting time for someone like me at that age was unbearable. So, the mixture out of the pot was usually what I had for the snack. Occasionally a few would make it to the cookie stage. Last week, Nora and I made a treat for daddy. Work was stressful, and we wanted him to feel loved. Nora traced her hands on the paper that we wrapped them in. So when he opened them, he would know they were made with loving "hands".

If you yourself are craving a yummy treat, or want to make it for the very special daddy in your life, here is the recipe. He will be very appreciative, and say "Thank you, these are really good!" (Which in my household only happens on a New Moon! Spooky!!!)

1 3/4 cups white sugar
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup butter
4 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter
3 cups quick-cooking oats
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

In a medium saucepan, combine sugar, milk, butter, and cocoa. Bring to a boil, and cook for 1 1/2 minutes. Remove from heat, and stir in peanut butter, oats, and vanilla. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto wax paper. Let cool until hardened.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

One more favorite, and MUST HAVE SOON!

Last week I was catching up on The Office episodes I have missed. I was watching the Baby Shower one, (so hilarious! and I LOVE that stroller!) Since seeing it though, I really have a craving for Costco cake! It is ridiculous to buy one, because it serves like 25 people. So, I need an excuse to have a Costco cake. I am thinking a "Finally... then dang election is OVER", party. Comment if you would be interested, and which flavor you prefer. Me, I prefer white cake with a filling, either chocolate, or raspberry, or both... I haven't tried that before, but... Mmmm, I need to learn better self control.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spooked out our retired friends!!!

Our visit to the retirement community was spookier then ever before! the kids got dressed up, and sang, and visited for treats. We left with our bags and our hearts full!
Nora was 1 of 3 bees. Real original, I know! I only have a week left to come up with something great for her! Help me!!!
I told her to go tickle the people. It was the only way I could get her to have a little fun.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Activity Days; Needing the Light

A few weeks ago at our Activity Day Girls activity, we learned how to, then prepared a nutritious meal for the elder missionaries. Then the elders taught a little lesson to the girls. It was the week before General Conference, and they were referring to the direction we would be given, but I think we can apply it to us everyday!

They gave the girls each 2 pieces of paper. The first piece of paper, was for a paper airplane.

They gave them specific instructions on how to make the airplane, and the girls listened very carefully, and followed them.

When they were through with the first one, the elders said, "Now, close your eyes, and make the same airplane with the other piece of paper".
The girls did the best they could. Of course it was more difficult doing it in the dark. Of course everything we do in life is easier when we have the Light of Christ. The missionaries are so awesome! We all loved the lesson.

The best part was flying the airplanes!!! These girls are such a BLAST! I love them to death!!!

Week LONG Birthday!

What the heck! It was a hectic week last week. I was watching my friends son Ryan for... 4 days. We did lots of fun things together, so that by the time he left us, even HE was sad to go! After he left, Nora asked me all day long... "Ry ry?" I would tell her, "He's not here anymore". Nora, "Oh... at home?" Me, "Yeah, at home." Nora, "Oh... in bed?" We had this same conversation about 10 times in one day. Talking is OVERRATED! So about our week...

For FHE we have a campfire, and roasted marshmallows, and talked about being a good example to others. Ryan was so super. He taught Nora how to roast mallows. He also learned that when we do something wrong, Nora will probably do it too, but when we do something right, she will also do it too. It was so fun to have a big kid that actually understands what we are talking about most of the time. Here are some highlights of our evening!

2 great listeners, listening to a lesson...

Lulu was even able to make an appearance, and let me tell you, Nora can't get to her Lulu fast enough!!!

This was a hard day. Ry started to get a little homesick, and so we planned a fun day of BOWLING! It was fun, and got his little mind off of things for a while. We went with a friend and her little boys, and I am pretty sure that if we just gave them the big ball to play with, that would have been plenty of enough fun.

Someone learned really well about being a good example and sharing, and having a good attitude.
Someone else did not!

Wednesday daytime:
Actually Nora's birthday. She got a phone call from Ford Motor Company Choir! And they sang Happy Birthday to her. Led by her papa. It is a good thing the company doesn't depend on their choir for success. It would be failing even more then they are now! It was a really sweet gesture, and she really loved it. A friend invited us over for a birthday lunch! It was so fun, and cute. We loved it.

Nora insists on wearing these shoes everywhere we go. They are very cute, and I love them, however, very rarely do they match anything. So on her birthday, I figured I should let her wear them. This is not good... I heard that girls go through this phase where they get to pick out what they wear, I just didn't think it would happen this soon.

Wednesday Evening:
We went to the traditional Red Robin for dinner. Red Robin is Ryan's favorite place to eat. So it was great for all of us. Ky and Alie came too, and Marley! That is where Nora got her favorite birthday present.
She also got her favorite appetizer:
And her own personal rock band:
And her very own Sundae:

Wednesday night:
Our thought was to RID the Binky. She had her new princess dolls, and we thought that we would make a deal, if she put the Binky in the princess box, then she could sleep with all the princesses. So... like normal, we put her to bed (minus the Binky, plus 7 princesses. By 10:30pm, I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! Joel went in her room, and handed her the box. She gladly handed over the princesses in exchange for her old best friend... the Bink!


Dr. VISIT DAY! This was a day that I was not looking forward to. Two shots were coming, and I didn't have my baby daddy to hold her down. For the first time, I had to do it myself. All week long we had been talking about the Dr. visit, because the last time we talked about the doc. it was for her dad, and she remembered she cried at the Dr. the last time. So we were talking it up, and how, doctors make us feel better, and are nice, and help us... so when we went in, she was confident! Cool! Calm! Collected! I was a wreck! She walked up on the scale, moment of truth, 21.5lbs! Woo hoo!!! Over 20! She had her head, and height measured! Was in love with the nurse, and her cool glasses! Then our favorite Dr. Madison came in. She told us that Nora is in the 3rd percentile for her weight! 30th percentile for her height, and 8th for her head size. So she continues along her own little curve! Overall, her little test was great. She takes after her mom, so she is super smart for her age! (hehe) She was below average in the problem solving area... probably because I always solve all her problems for her. Starting today, I am going to be better at that! After our nice and social visit with the GREATEST PEDIATRICIAN of all times... we said adios! (A sad adios! We are switching insurance companies at the first of the year for better prenatal coverage. Two years ago, we switched insurance companies just so that we could see this doctor, now that Nora is 2, and won't have to go back till the is 4, we can switch again, and pray, that she will have no reason to see the doctor until then.) Then those dang shots came! It was awful, I won't lie... I didn't cry, but it was bad. I think the older the kids are, the harder it is. She was crying, and crying. Of course it didn't hurt anymore, but she was sooo mad! Oooh... was she mad! I have made her mad before, but never has she been that mad! She wouldn't let me put her pants back on her, and she wouldn't stop crying. So we left the office, with my screaming , half dressed baby. Next time you see a baby, half dressed, you may be inclined to think, "that poor child, why doesn't that mother put some clothes on it!" Just keep in mind, that we should never judge any mother, and how she does or does not dress her child. There is probably a good explanation behind it, and that day it was SHOTS!

Saturday night:

We had family over for dinner. It is always great to get together with Joels dad. Unfortunetaly, my camera dies after only one picture. BUGGER!

I am glad last week is over. We have 7 Halloween events planned between now, and Halloween. Last year, I made sure Nora had a different costume for each event, and this year, I am too tired to care! How horrible I know! Maybe I can come up with more, but no promises!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One year older, and Wiser too... HAPPY BIRTHDAY... TO YOU!

So today is the day my baby turns 2! Big things happen when you have a two year old. 1) You get less time to blog, becuase 2 naps turn into one, and I just have to be ok with it! 2) Making messes faster then they can be cleaned, becomes a game! 3) Her cute little words that used to make me twitter inside start to make my head HURT!

She is still rather A-mazing, and I couldn't even imaginge it any other way. How about I just say, the first two years really, could not have been more perfect!

Nora and I were discussing her birthday party this year, and what she wanted to do for it. I decided we should look at some pictures from her party last year, and see if there was anything about last year that she wanted to do again. (Praying there wasn't). Come to find out... SHE DOESN'T REMEMBER THE PARTY LAST YEAR!!! 20 kids in costume, a story teller, a balloon animal making clown, games galore!, party favors that took days to make! cupcakes that took hours... she does'nt rememebr. So this year we are going to Red Robin! We will have family over on the weekend, just so that we have an excuse to have people over, but having a toddler really gets tiring, and I am still recovering from last years party.

Instead of making or buying a cake that would get cut into, and be less beautiful, everyone got their own individual cuppy. What 1 year old doesn't love candy, and cake?

This was what took most time. It was so fun though, and I think the kiddies loved them. I really wanted somthing to go along with the cup cakes. The best part was all the spooky slimmy treats inside!
I will never forget... on the year Nora was born, it snowed 1 week before she was born, I remember saying, "Wouldn't it be cool to say she was born on the first snow day?" Last year it was 80 degrees on her birthday! The day was beautiful! This year, has been just as beautiful! Michigan is so awesome!
Nora got a new car on her 1st birthday. She played with it all night! The face... still one of her best expressions...

Happy Birthday number 2 NORA! I love you!!! Now be a good little monkey, and help mommy clean up you cereal off the floor!