Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fathers Day Pleasure

Yeah... Fathers day was well over a week ago, but here is what I had to blog about. (Notice how blogging has become a thing on my "TO DO" list... why is that?) Since Joel is always trying to improve my cooking skills, I really challenged myself for him on Fathers Day. Of course he received breakfast in bed, but when we came home from church, he had a lunch surprise. Something he has been wanting to eat for... 4 years.

When we were first married, I was working in a coffee shop in Ann Arbor. They were testing the market for deli sandwiches. Who better to test on them , my number one regular... He told them, "This is the best sandwich I have ever eaten!"

Throughout the years, I thought about duplicating this for him, then I realized the amount of work, and fancy ingredients that went into it! This year, I DID IT... It was a lot of work, but I think it paid off. He was VERY happy. This has become a Fathers Day favorite. The Fathers Day Muffeletta.

Muffelettas are big in New Orleans. They are made with an olive salad, great crusty bread, two different cheeses, and three different meats. It was HUGE, and he was able to eat it for most of the week. If you want to make your man REALLY happy, learn to make the Mufeletta! I think I scored a 9 on this... it would have been a 10 if it weren't so big! (He just wants me to make it again, just for my perfect 10 score... I KNOW IT!)

Monday, June 29, 2009

This is WHY...

I can't BLOG... while I was posting my "obsessed" post... my princess, muffin, Nora, was MAKING A MESS! It was so precious though, and I couldn't be mad at her for more then 2 seconds! The pictures aren't great, but it just so happened that my camera was readily available, and the settings were not... but I didn't have time to pause the moment, while I made correct adjustments. This is what happened... as I was actually posting...

My princessy, muffiny, Nora: "Mommy, can you schix this?" (Her F's sound like sh's, so she meant to say "Fix this", and by "this" she meant my glittery powder Love Spell brush from Victoria Secret. It was opened, and half of the glittery powder was gone.)

Mommy: Sure Nora... wait... Nora... how did this get opened? Where is the rest of it?

MPMN: Um... it's schine, I cleaned it up, (I have been cleaning ALL day, so she has been my little helper).

Me: Where is it Nora?

She points to this... (I had her put the brush back to catch the effect).

What a mess... she is now tied up in the closet... just so that I could blog about her! Haha... just kidding. She doesn't usually do stuff like this, so when she does, I have to tell someone! This is what I love about being a mom, and to such a sweet princess! Here are the following pictures... I love this kid!


It has been a while since I blogged. I am so behind, that I figure... just forget about it. Some great images on my camera will have to wait another day. Not only am I behind on blogging, but baking, laundry, cleaning, correspondents, you know, all those things that I can put off till tomorrow, but really I shouldn't! Anyways...

Joel and I have a new show that we are OBSESSED with! It is called "OBSESSED". It is on A&E every Monday night. It is a documentary on people with OCD's, and the treatment they go through to deal with their OCD. It has been very fascinating for us both. We both have "issues", similar to the subjects on the show, but never as extreme, and so we ask each other, "On a scale of 1-10, what is your anxiety level?" Then we try different "exposures" on each other. The program clearly indicates that "This is monitored by trained professionals, and do not try this at home..." but we were never ones to clearly follow the rules.

So, it has opened my eyes to the things that could be considered a MINOR level of OCD. And even compared to the people on the show... probably not even an OCD... but things that raise my anxiety level to around 6-9...

Obviously, going to the dentist... 10

My closet: I don't care what the rest of my house looks like, my closet HAS got to be immaculate. ROYGBV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, White, Cream, Grey, Black) all my clothes, on wooden hangers, facing the same direction, shortest sleeve to longest.

Decorative Towels are to be looked at ONLY, never ever touched, or used. Goes the same for the kitchen, and bathroom!

Making the bed... I think this is a common one, because I remember a Friends episode where Monica was teaching her B/F Tom Selek, how to make the bed. Also similar to me. Sheets must be faced in the right direction, duvet cover goes on one way, and one way only, pillow case liners must be put on tag end first, then the covers the opposite.

Touching my face... UGH... DO NOT TOUCH MY FACE! If Joel has come home, and has washed his hands with soap, and his hands are approved, he may GENTLY touch my face. I am too self conscience of blemishes, and clogged pores. Having a baby, has really loosened me up to this one, but now that she knows not to touch my face, my anxiety gets a little higher when it is touched.

Fortunately, I don't have any "rituals", or anything that is harmful to me or my family. These are all things that just kind of get under my skin, and make me a little crazy. I think we all have a little crazy in us! Speaking of which... LAUNDRY!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What's a family to do?

Summer is in full force here in Virginia Beach. That means that our weekends are presented with the task of picking what to do. There were so many choices this Friday night, it was hard to pick just one. A) Hoe Down at the Farmers Market B) Art Fair on the Beach C) Outdoor Movie at Mt. Trashmore or D) Concert at a different Beach.

Since this week they were featuring one of Noras favoites, "The Bee Movie", we chose, "C". We invited a couple that we met at Stake Conference last weekend. They have a precious, adorable, almost one and a half year old. She makes me think about my niece back home, that I am missing.

Back to Mt. Trashmore... our new Friday tradition, is to head out there after dinner, and hang out on the mountain, dance, sing, play games, eat treats, and wait for the movie to start. What a fun Friday night!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Its going to be a LONG 27 more weeks!

I am sorry, but food, is on my mind all the time! ALL THE TIME! Even when I feel sick to my stomach, and like I can't eat another bite... there is some food out there, that I want to eat. I have been watching Food Network, and there is this show, called, "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives". Talk about the job that I need to have right now! Mmmmm.

Last Friday, I really wanted HOT Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. So Nora and I drove 15 minutes to the closest KK Shop. They loved her there. She was watching through the window how the "bathe" the doughnuts, then they send them to bed in a "blanket" of icing. She was waving to all the workers. They were having a blast with her. We were there way longer than I thought we would be! When we left, I thought... this will be our Friday tradition. (I think I even thought every other Friday tradition...)

This morning, I could not get those doughnuts out of my head. I really needed to have another one. I thought we could go, I'll buy a dozen, then keep em here, and have one per day, for the rest of the week. So when we got there, the workers were so excited to see Nora again! The regulars were also excited to see her! She told the counter worker, she wanted one with "pinkles". The super, wonderful, gal went to the back, and came back with a whole BAG of mini sprinkle doughnuts, JUST FOR NORA! *Wait a minute... I'm the one that needs these! Who does Miss Nora think she is? She is stealing my treats!!! Ahh, well, she's way cuter then I am!* So I ordered 2 hot, and 2 Chocolate Iced Creme Filled. Plus the sprinkles.. equals one dozen! We sat, and watched the workers, and waved, and flirted, and had a great time. Then that super wonderful worker, brought me another HOT one! Then the guy Nora was flirting with in the back, brought ANOTHER HOT ONE! AND I KEPT EATING THEM!!! I will never ever admit how many I ate in one sitting, but it was more than Nora. I think we have a new Monday through Friday tradition! YIKES... in no time, I am going to be in BIG TROUBLE! HUGE, ENORMOUS, FAT, DIMPLY, CHUBBY, TOURBLE! Maybe we could WALK to KK, then I could justify it? Or ride our bikes? I need to seriously think about that! In the mean time, there are a few more that I brought home that should really be taken care of.

Another GREAT reason to visit us in Virginia!

We live only 45 minutes from Busch Gardens. We bought annual passes last weekend, and took a mini-road trip. If you remember my post last year of our Cedar Point trip, it will come as no surprise, that I was not about to get on any of those freaky roller-coasters! That, and being "with child" really isn't a good time to be testing out the new theme park "highest, fastest, longest, attractions". It was however a fun time to spend as a small family. They have lots of fun things for little "Nora size" kids. Lots of shows, Sesame Street Characters, (although, the last thing Joel wanted to do, is chase down characters.) fun little water parks. The big rides did look rather tempting, and if I was a young, strong, and pumped up teenager... I would be all over it! And the food... AHHH... the food... makes my mouth water, just thinking of it! We were in line for Oscars Whirly Worm, and as we got closer, I thought this may be a good time for daddy and Nora to ride together. (Really I am a big whimp, and even the kid rides make my stomach flip.) I did however manage the Skyride, and the Dinosaur Egg Ride So if you are one of the many, himmin and hawin, about weather you should come visit us... here is ONE MORE good reason!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I REALLY want it...

My mom calls me spoiled! Maybe because when there is something that I want, I can't get it out of my head, and it is all I think about, therefore, it is all I talk about! I can't help it!!! The three of us went to Busch Gardens over the weekend, and had a blast. While Joel drooled over the hugeness of the rides, and Nora googoo'd over Elmo... I was checking out something MUCH more important...

This will for sure be on my Christmas list this year! And I will start right now, and be really good for the rest of the year. I will be nice to my siblings. I will pick up all my toys! I will eat all my supper! And I won't pinch cute boys butts! (Well, no promises on the last one. But if it meant this stroller will be delivered with a big red bow... I will TRY really hard!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No Pictures... but video!!!

We bought a video recorder when we first moved here, and I am just now getting around to figuring out how to upload videos off of it. Nora was so stinking hilarious tonight... we had to record her, and plaster it all over our blog! There are a lot of videos, so don't bother watching them all, but if you find it to be ridiculously cute, like we do, then take the time to watch them all. I'm having such a fun time with her at this age. We have our moments, and I know we will have more, but I can't help but appreciate, and document the good times together!

Still... NO pictures...

So, if you aren't gong to read this post, for the lack of pictures, then... well, sorry. I have had a few funny things happen this week, and thought I should blog about it.

Saturday night, I was doing a photo shoot with Amy, and on the way home, pretty late, I stopped at Chick Fil-A... which I LOVE! I have been really good at cutting Diet Coke out of my diet, because caffeine I don't really think is healthy for the baby. But, I decided to splurge, and get a diet coke. I drank it on the way home, and thought, "This is the best diet coke I have EVER HAD!" I was a little worried, because this could be my new weakness, and I don't need a weakness like this fabulousness. I even told Joel, "This is really the greatest Diet Coke ever!" He thought it was just because I haven't really been drinking it, that must be why I enjoyed it so much. Well, on Monday, we met some friends at Chick Fil-A for lunch, and I splurged again, and got a diet coke. Again, I thought it was as delicious as the first time. Usually McDonald's has the best Diet Coke, so that is why this is such a surprise for me. Before we left, I ran up, and go a refill. When the woman behind the counter started refilling it with Caffeine free, I WAS HORRIFIED! I said, "No, ma'am, not Caffeine free Diet, just regular diet." She said, "No, we don't serve Regular Diet here." Oh, well in the case... WOOO HOOOO!!! Of course once I knew it was de-caf, it didn't taste nearly as good... but it is still great! If you know me at all, you will know that Diet Coke has become a part of my life since I was... 12? And, so this is a great day for me. I LOVE CHICK-FIL-A!

Another funny story, I wish I had my camera for this one, because blogging about it would have made it that much better. Nora has been waking up too early for me the last week or so. SO last night, I decided that I wasn't going to get her out of bed until I was ready. So, this morning, she seemed to be sleeping longer than usual, but I wasn't going to push it. Maybe she was turning over a new leaf. Finally, I hear her, "Mommy, I NEED A TISSUE". I thought maybe she snotted all over, or had a boogie or something gross like that. So, I got up, went to check in on her, and she had my make-up bag. On her lips she had my lipstick, on her whole face, had my concealer, and eye shadow, on her eye-lids my mascara, and all over her arms, hands, and legs, she had my eye liner! She looked like a freaky baby! Daddy thought it was hilarious, that she took my make-up into her room, and waited till she was all ready to call for her tissue. Really?

And one more story, not at all funny, but worth sharing! I have had a fear of the dentist for a very long time. I think since I had a bad experience when I was a nanny. A few weeks ago, I noticed a back top tooth was missing a piece. Knowing that it would lead to an abscessed, or an exposed root, I called to find a dentist. Here was the conversation,

Me: I would like to make an appointment to see the dentist, a piece of my tooth broke off. I am a new patient, and I have issues with going to the dentist.
Clueless Receptionist: Ok, well when would you like to come in?
Me: Well, that depends. I need to come in, and have the work done on the same day. If you just take pictures, and schedule an appointment for the work to be done at a later time, chances are, I won't come back.
C.R.: Ok, well he is going to need to look at you, so he knows what needs to be done.
Me: That's fine, as long as he can fix it right then. Did you hear me say, I have issues with going to the dentist? I don't think you understand. I would rather give birth 10 times, that have to sit in the chair of a dentist.
C.R.: Oh, well... I can make you the first appointment of the day, and you can see him first, and if there is time he can fix it right them.
Me: Perfect! And make sure you tell him... I HAVE ISSUES! And, will I need to be there early to fill out paperwork, because I am a new patient.
C.R.: Yup, if you could come 10 minutes early, that would be great.
Me: Nope... I can't come early. I will tell you now, if you have me fill out paperwork in your office, and I am done filling it out, and I have to wait, I will most likely leave. Can you please mail me the paper work? I don't mean to be difficult, but I am really really nervous about going to the dentist. And to a new dentist. Oh yeah... and I am pregnant, so he can't give me the Nitrise. So, my nerves are not even going to be able to be controlled.

After the conversation, I am sure she hung up and either quit, or disregarded everything I said. My appointment is tomorrow morning. I have hives, and itchies all over me just from remembering this story, and for the upcoming visit. I know that nothing bad will happen, but I can't stop thinking about the needle, and the drilling, and the horrible tools that will be going into my mouth in 17 hours!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No camera= No pictures

I left my daggum battery charger in Michigan, and am awaiting its arrival back into my home. In the mean time, it has been rather different enjoying life without a camera. We went to the beach last weekend, and while there were PLENTY of photo ops... I enjoyed not worrying about it.

It really is summer here. The streets are more crowded. It is a different place than when we moved here, that is for sure. By 10am it is over 80 degrees, which is pretty hot for us. Nora covers her nose and says, "I don't like the heat!" Maybe she thinks it stinks? This week we begin a weekly playgroup at the beach.

I had my first doctors appointment last week. It was long, but good. My due date is December 28th. This is my 11th week. It is such a blessing to plan such an event. I have known the feeling and worry that comes along with not being able to be pregnant, so I want to be sensative to those that I care about who are in similar situations. Joel and I have NEVER agreed on names, even "Nora", he didn't agree on... and then one day, he fell in love with it. So we have started the baby naming process. I can tell that it is going to take 29 more weeks to figure it out. We asked Nora, "What should we name the baby?" She says, "Nora, Peter Pan, Elmo, Mommy..." so she is absolutely no help at all.

I have been in a "FUNK" this week, and am trying to pull out of it. I have not felt 100%, I have editing that needs to get done *eh... dinners have been, less than exciting... laundry to catch up on from our trip... just not feeling up to any of it. Even blogging, has obviously been low on my priority list. I got lots of great sleep last night, and when I woke up this morning, I though, "WOW... I don't feel tired, for the first time all week!" Then an hour later... I was tired again. So, sorry for the blog lacking, and negative posts! I will make next week better. If I make it to next week... hehehe...