Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still... NO pictures...

So, if you aren't gong to read this post, for the lack of pictures, then... well, sorry. I have had a few funny things happen this week, and thought I should blog about it.

Saturday night, I was doing a photo shoot with Amy, and on the way home, pretty late, I stopped at Chick Fil-A... which I LOVE! I have been really good at cutting Diet Coke out of my diet, because caffeine I don't really think is healthy for the baby. But, I decided to splurge, and get a diet coke. I drank it on the way home, and thought, "This is the best diet coke I have EVER HAD!" I was a little worried, because this could be my new weakness, and I don't need a weakness like this fabulousness. I even told Joel, "This is really the greatest Diet Coke ever!" He thought it was just because I haven't really been drinking it, that must be why I enjoyed it so much. Well, on Monday, we met some friends at Chick Fil-A for lunch, and I splurged again, and got a diet coke. Again, I thought it was as delicious as the first time. Usually McDonald's has the best Diet Coke, so that is why this is such a surprise for me. Before we left, I ran up, and go a refill. When the woman behind the counter started refilling it with Caffeine free, I WAS HORRIFIED! I said, "No, ma'am, not Caffeine free Diet, just regular diet." She said, "No, we don't serve Regular Diet here." Oh, well in the case... WOOO HOOOO!!! Of course once I knew it was de-caf, it didn't taste nearly as good... but it is still great! If you know me at all, you will know that Diet Coke has become a part of my life since I was... 12? And, so this is a great day for me. I LOVE CHICK-FIL-A!

Another funny story, I wish I had my camera for this one, because blogging about it would have made it that much better. Nora has been waking up too early for me the last week or so. SO last night, I decided that I wasn't going to get her out of bed until I was ready. So, this morning, she seemed to be sleeping longer than usual, but I wasn't going to push it. Maybe she was turning over a new leaf. Finally, I hear her, "Mommy, I NEED A TISSUE". I thought maybe she snotted all over, or had a boogie or something gross like that. So, I got up, went to check in on her, and she had my make-up bag. On her lips she had my lipstick, on her whole face, had my concealer, and eye shadow, on her eye-lids my mascara, and all over her arms, hands, and legs, she had my eye liner! She looked like a freaky baby! Daddy thought it was hilarious, that she took my make-up into her room, and waited till she was all ready to call for her tissue. Really?

And one more story, not at all funny, but worth sharing! I have had a fear of the dentist for a very long time. I think since I had a bad experience when I was a nanny. A few weeks ago, I noticed a back top tooth was missing a piece. Knowing that it would lead to an abscessed, or an exposed root, I called to find a dentist. Here was the conversation,

Me: I would like to make an appointment to see the dentist, a piece of my tooth broke off. I am a new patient, and I have issues with going to the dentist.
Clueless Receptionist: Ok, well when would you like to come in?
Me: Well, that depends. I need to come in, and have the work done on the same day. If you just take pictures, and schedule an appointment for the work to be done at a later time, chances are, I won't come back.
C.R.: Ok, well he is going to need to look at you, so he knows what needs to be done.
Me: That's fine, as long as he can fix it right then. Did you hear me say, I have issues with going to the dentist? I don't think you understand. I would rather give birth 10 times, that have to sit in the chair of a dentist.
C.R.: Oh, well... I can make you the first appointment of the day, and you can see him first, and if there is time he can fix it right them.
Me: Perfect! And make sure you tell him... I HAVE ISSUES! And, will I need to be there early to fill out paperwork, because I am a new patient.
C.R.: Yup, if you could come 10 minutes early, that would be great.
Me: Nope... I can't come early. I will tell you now, if you have me fill out paperwork in your office, and I am done filling it out, and I have to wait, I will most likely leave. Can you please mail me the paper work? I don't mean to be difficult, but I am really really nervous about going to the dentist. And to a new dentist. Oh yeah... and I am pregnant, so he can't give me the Nitrise. So, my nerves are not even going to be able to be controlled.

After the conversation, I am sure she hung up and either quit, or disregarded everything I said. My appointment is tomorrow morning. I have hives, and itchies all over me just from remembering this story, and for the upcoming visit. I know that nothing bad will happen, but I can't stop thinking about the needle, and the drilling, and the horrible tools that will be going into my mouth in 17 hours!


Jerome said...

Caffine free diet Coke?
Who are you and what have you done with my daughter? You need your camera back!! How are ya feeling? better I hope. Love you guys, miss the daylights outta ya too.

Ben & Cindy said...

So you have to fill me in on the dentist story lol.. Why are you so afraid? What happened?!

The Prices said...

Still love hearing about you even without pictures! Good luck at the dentist!

liso. said...

ugh, sorry, no consolations here. i hate the dentist equally. i had a root canal (two years after they recommended it) about a year ago. and i still haven't gone back for the crown. or cap. or whatever they call it.

so good luck.

liso. said...

oh, and PREGNANT? i've been mia for a while, so i guess i've missed some news!?! congrats! ...will continue reading...

Angie Cheney said...

SO, how did it go? Was it as bad as you thought? I see that you survived (phew). Did you stay in the office? I hope it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be.

There are quite a few restaurants that have switched from serving Diet Coke to only serving caffeine free diet coke without telling people. I love it because I prefer caffeine free! Yaay!