Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have been a little emotional to talk to anybody about our move. So, in keepin it real, and real simple our moving truck will be pulling off Clyde Rd. on Sunday, March 29th. Joel will be starting his job on April 1st. He has this next week off to find housing, then he will train the "new guy" for 2 weeks, then he has another week and a half off to pack, drive, unpack, you get the idea. I really can't explain what it feels like. It has been coming for so long now, that talking about it seems like a waste of time. We are looking forward to a family vacation. Just the three of us. We are going to take a few fun days to drive to Virginia Beach. Spend a few days finding our new house, then come home. We need a little time to be together as a family. We are very excited.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Scary, fun!

I haven't been blogging, because I have been shooting! I am not sure if this will work, but I have been playin with codes, and stuff. YIKES!

Picture 569

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We weren't allowed to bring any cameras into the Oprah studio, but Katie managed to sneak her point and shoot into her coat pocket, which was checked and left in the coat room. We did get a few shots of us posing at the Harpo Studio sign. I haven't gotten those pics yet, but when I do, I will post them. The show that we saw taped airs tomorrow, Wednesday. Check your local listings for the "Lisa Ling Special Report, Tent Cities."

There was very little audience interaction, so I would be really surprised if we even make it on tv. However, the funniest girl I have met in a REALLY long time will be very visible in the audience. She has long dark hair, and is wearing a bright orange shirt. She was in the "HOLDING ROOM" with us, then got seated right in the isle where Oprah enters, and got to High Five Oprah. I think it is because I was telling her our story of "will, and hope". I am wearing a black collared shirt, and Katie has on a white sweater, with turquoise, black, purple, green. So keep an eye out for us!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dear Oprah

... and staff,

My friend and I recently attended a taping of your show. When I received the phone call from Julie on the "Audience Team", I was MORE then excited to be able to accept the tickets that I had "willed" the day before.

I love Chicago, and to be able to go to the city, and see you, was a big deal for me. My friend and I got new outfits, facials, fancy dinner in the city, all in preparation for our exciting event! We were "Hoping" and "willing" for a great show. The audience members always look like they have a great time while in your audience, so we were practicing our "expressions". We wanted to look natural, but not scary so that the cameras wouldn't break. While in the "holding room" we met other women, who also were practicing their expressions. We had so much fun getting to know these HILARIOUS girls. We also enjoyed all the clips of past Oprah Shows that were shown. It pumped us up for a great show! We got seated, watched the staff scramble to get everything together, then were also pumped up by a producer. We were ready... this was going to be great! We were excited! We could not wait!

Then, we heard the topic... "Special Investigative Report by: Lisa Ling, Tent Cities". Ugh... For real? So, we sat, and listened to the stories of Home Foreclosures, Homeless Families, and other people struggling in this awful economy. The show was to say the least, A DOWNER! As I watched the family that carried everything they owned around in big garbage bags, I felt rather shallow for my new outfit, and my new cute hair color and all the other things that went into bringing me to see your show. Then, there was a very special woman in the audience that could barley stand up to tell you her story. She was old, tiny, frail, and beautiful. She talked about her amazing triumphs in her life. The huge hurdles she has had to jump. I could feel of her beautiful spirit. I took a piece of her with me. It brought tears to my eyes as she was escorted to your side on the stage, and then you hugged her, and posed for pictures. I could tell, that when she leaves to live with our maker, she will happily say, "I met and received a hug from Oprah". Was I disappointed that I wasn't on the episode where you give away all your favorite things? Yes, of course I was. Was I depressed during the show, because my husband and I are trying to sell our house in this economy, and you weren't giving away mortgage pay-offs? OF COURSE! But I, was touched by you, and your beauty, inside and out. You are a special person, and have touched so many people. In this case, I was also touched by someone, who I am sure you have touched before, which I wasn't expecting. Thank you for your grace! There are so many amazing, happy, and uplifting stories in this world, and I hope to return to your audience in the future to participate in a show of joy, and peace.

Love, and regards,
Kirstynn Evans

TEXT Cha Cha!

This is new to me, and I LOVE IT!!! Whenever you have a question, dumb, or not! you can text Cha Cha (242242) your question, and you will receive a text back with the answer.

So, my friend and I were on our way to Chicago, and we were talking about Sara Palins daughter, and her new babies name. We didn't know it, so we texted Cha Cha! Sure enough, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. They suggested places for us to eat while in Chicago, where to park for cheap, why "October Road" went off the air. We were a little bored, so we asked lots of dumb questions. The sad part was, you only get 4 free questions in 72 hours. That was the buzz kill of the trip.

It is almost as cool as texting Google (46645) for a business phone number.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Evans Factor

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy

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Wednesday, Katie and I came home from Chicago... (Chicago post upcoming). I spent dinner celebrating my moms last birthday in her 40's! (I can't believe how young she is!!!) After dinner with the fam, Joel went to church, and Nora and I came home. Nora had been with Lulu the last two days, so she was exhausted. AS soon as I put her to bed, I went straight to my computer. Checking emails/blogs/facebook. Just as I was getting ready to blog about my fabulous trip, Joel came home. Now, let me set this up for you.... I am in the den, Joel is feeding the dog, in the mud room on the other side of the house, Nora is KNOCKED out in her bed. Joel often rough houses with the dog. It is a major pet peeve of mine, but it makes him so happy, I put up with it. So, when I heard a HUGE thud on the wall, it wasn't too alarming. It was the shouting of CURSE words that followed the thud that had me spring out of my computer chair. Running towards me, is my loving, caring, sensitive husband, shouting more curse words (I HAVE NEVER HEARD HIM SAY ANYTHING LIKE IT!), his hand holding his head, everything covered in BLOOD! I panic! AHHH, do I call 911? No, call mom, tell her to get over here, and bolt out of the house to get to the ER. Not before the victim shouts, "Grab your camera, this is blog worthy!" Driving like a maniac, in my mind, but not fast enough in his bloody mind, we flew to the hospital. I was driving 50 in a 25, when I noticed a cop pull out behind me. He turned his lights on, and I decided, I will let him follow me to the ER. When we got to the ER, he kept on his way, leaving us alone! We checked Joel in, and so I had a look at all the damage he did to his face... EEK! Another patient waiting, asked us, "Were you at The Shark Club?" Hahaha... typical Howell! We don't even know what the Shark Club was. Joel being Mr. Tough guy said, "No, but that would make a better story." While we were waiting to be admitted, I asked him what the heck happened. The way the story goes, (which, I am sure he will try to make up something way better, so he doesn't sound as foolish). He filled the dogs bowl with food. He then RACED the dog to where the bowl belongs. Apparently the dog cut him off, and tripped him, and he landed right in the corner of the wall. He had a deep cut on his forehead, black eye, bloody nose, busted lip, loose tooth, hurt hand, and bruised knee. (I am honestly laughing out loud just imagining it!) He got checked into triage... luckily, Wednesday nights are pretty slow there. Joel is an amazing patient, and I was so proud of him. Three nurses came and took a look at him. All commented on what a nice cut it was. He laughed, danced, and did whatever he had to do to calm the pain. I was taking pictures the whole time. The nurses can't wait to see the blog! They were all so nice to him, and to me, the annoying photographer. As they were sewing him up, I was totally into it. I loved watching. I put it in the perspective of cooking. If I were cooking stuffed chicken breasts, I might try sewing it shut next time, so the stuffing stays in. Anyways, while he was being sewed up, the numbing wasn't quite effective. So I put the camera down, so I could focus on comforting my man. I was the hand that was almost squoze to breaking point. As I was leaning over him, trying to help him, I felt really light headed. The nurse saw my face, and immediately yelled for help. I wasn't sure why, but it was because my face was chalk white. So two nurses took me to a room, iced me, juiced me, and made me lay till I was better. This is really all about Joel, but that was the first time, that I really felt like I was going to pass out. So, there was a break in the documenting while I perked up again. The pictures can be a little gruesome, so please don't watch if you might pass out!

He got a total of 13 stitches in his head. He is doing great! Has some feel good med that helps with the rather large headache!

When we got home we assesed the damage. There may been to be a claim filed with the insurance company. It is not the best time to be breaking parts of the house, when we are trying to sell it. When he is back to health, he has work to do.

Im sorry to Sue, Chet, Dan and Dave that had to read about your boy on the internet. He is really fine. Apparently, there is a past with him and stitches in the ER... so when he is 100%, let's hope, tomorrow, he will touch base with you guys!

Also, if Joel tells you a different story... just humor him. He has been rather humbled in the last day, and I am sure it would make him feel better to tell a really amazing story, that makes him look like a hero. He was so great in the ER, I already think he is a hero.

Denise, Nancy, and Cathy... you are all amazing. We will forever tell about how great the ER in St. Joes of Howell is! Thank you ladies!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Give away winners... CONGRATAS! Please email me your address....

Melissa from The Jamison Family
Natalie from The Happy Hemmingways
and Katie from... out of no where in cyber space

Thanks you guys, for participating, your GREAT PRIZES will be on the way, as soon as you send me your mailing address!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mormons ARE popular!

I am in love with reality tv. Really, if there is a way to be in love with anything that comes on tv, it would be me with reality shows! Anytime I hear about a new show coming on, I can't listen, because, I can't have ANOTHER reality show that I watch. Actually, it's not that many. We don't watch cable tv in our house, so everything we watch is local channels. So, I love, (please don't send me hate mail, because I say, "I LOVE TV"... you know what I mean... right?)... So, shows I love... American Idol, Survivor, Amazing Race, Bachelor, So you think you can dance, Dancing with the Stars, Biggest Loser, The City (online), Real World (online), The Apprentice... that is about it. Recently, I have noticed a trend, and I wondered if anyone else has noticed it?

I know there are lots more, but you get the idea.
So, a few things interest me, 1) these people are very open about their religion. Could I tell you the other religions of ANY other contestant on Survivor... Nope. Why? Why is there a fascination with Mormons? It doesn't bother me at all, I just wondered what it is? 2) There are a few other contestants on shows that are currently running, that I have a pretty good idea that are Mormon, but I can't find any information on line about them. I also wondered if this is true in other religions? Can you spot your own religion, or is it only Mormons that have "indicators"? For example, one contestant was at home, and I saw a wedding picture on the wall, there was a bride, a groom, and a temple. INDICATOR. One contestant went home to surprise his family, and she freaked out and said, "OH MY HECK!"

Although, you may not know how to respond to a post like this, I just couldn't not post about it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I LOVE being married...

... to the most amazing father I have ever met! My husband is great at being a companion. He makes me want to be a better person! He is filled with everything that I fall short of. But, he is a WAY better father then he is anything else!

He is crazy about our daughter, and she is just as crazy about him. He makes her so happy. He was a little on the anti-everything-so-girlie near the beginning of her life, but when he realized, she was a girl, he jumped in with both feet. It is such a blessing to have a husband that makes being a mom that much better.

(Disclaimer: when this post was written, she is only 2... I can't say she will still be as crazy about him in 13 years, but I sure hope so!)

Dan in Real Life

... happens to be one of my favorite movies, but not what this blog post is about...

My brother-in-law came over the other night for dinner. He is recently single, and really appreciates a home cooked meal every once in a while. He is totally chill! And a fun guy to be around. Nora loves her "uh uh Dan", and so of course he is welcome any time. I noticed his hair looked shorter. Usually he wears a hat, but it looked a lot what Joels hair looked like when we got married. So I took these two brothers pictures...

Joel is what, Dan has to look forward to. Cute kid... and did I mention, single?

Friday, February 13, 2009

ANOTHER Give away, thanks again YO-PLAIT

This is so fun to be able to give things away! I love it!!! So, here is what I have to give away this lovable weekend...

Yo_Plait has come out with a new, and delicious, (really, honestly delicious) and very healthy for you, yogurt. Yo-Plus yogurt – Blueberry AcaĆ­! Blueberry AcaĆ­ Yo-Plus is a creamy, fruit-flavored yogurt with live and active probiotic cultures that help regulate your digestive health year-round. Yo-Plus also is a good source of fiber, calcium and vitamins A & D. Even better, Yo-Plus is now offering a $1.50 off downloadable coupon for a 4-pack of yogurt available here. Feel free to also visit www.Yo-Plus.com for tips on how to maintain a balanced life and additional information.

Three winners will receive:

A great tote bag, water bottle, a notebook, to keep track of all the fabulous things you put into your body, and a coupon for you to get a free Yo-Plus yogurt for yourself!

To enter this giveaway, I need you to tell me what your Valentines Day plans are. My sweetie and I are getting the grandparents to babysit, then we are driving to get my BRAND NEW oven! SOOOOOO, romantic! Who knows, there may be some surprises along the way? So, let me know your plans, and on Monday at midnight, random.org will choose three winners! Good Luck, and have a great holiday weekend!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

MOST embarassing moment... BY FAR!

Before today, my most embarrassing moment was when I was 16. I was in a play, and had a major crush on the lead. The closing night, we had a party, immediately following the play, in our costumes. We were all so sad the play was over, and hugging everyone. The "lead" came and gave me a great big hug. As he was pulling away, my braces got stuck on his costume. Instead of letting him know, I was stuck to him, I just kept hugging him, and tried desperately to unhook him off of my teeth!

Today, after 13 years, of not being able to top that... IT HAPPENED! Nora and I were playing dress up before we left for dance class. We got wrapped up in the fanciness, and had to rush out the door. We got there just in time for class. Then Nora and I went to JoAnns to get a few crafty items. While we were in line, a lady said, "Is your mom a princess?" Nora just looked at her like, "UH... yeah..." Then the lady pointed out how beautiful my tiara was. It turns out, that the entire time, I still had on a tiara!!!

Joel came home, heard my story, and said, "That is blog worthy!" So, I let him take my picture of my beautiful tiara!!! (I hate posting pictures of me on my blog, but in this case, you have to get the FULL effect!!!)

25 Random Things

I think that these things come out more in the winter time, because people are bored! At least that is what got me to do it. I posted it on Facebook, and thought that I would get my mileage out of it, since it took me weeks to finish!!!

1) I am a sucker for reality shows: Biggest Loser, Bachelor, Survivor, Amazing Race... really... I LOVE THEM ALL!

2) I am obsessed with kicking ice off cars. I sometimes even kick it off a car that isn't mine.

3) I left the house with a tiara on today. Oops... TOTALLY by accident. Didn't realize it till we went shopping, AFTER Noras dance class! I am sure the moms were talking behind my back about what a weirdo I am!

4)I never re-read my blogs. I spell check them, then post them. That is why my posts are always so random!

5) My husband is getting me a new oven this weekend! Ours has been broken for a few weeks, and because we are selling our house, we weren't sure what we wanted to do. Finally, this weekend we are replacing it! My baking bones CANNOT wait!

6) I am going to be in the Oprah audience in 1 week! WOO HOO!!!

7) I love big cities. Chicago is my all time favorite big city, with NYC very close behind!

8) I have always lived in a small town!

9) I own a Snugi/Slanket... you know the blanket with sleeves.... my father-in-law got it for me for Christmas, and it really is as cool as the infomercial says it is!

10) I check my email 50+ times a day.

11) I send so many texts per day, my phone can't keep track! I really don't know why more people don't text.

12) I have never kept a New Years resolution

13) I am not a crafty person at all... I Just pretend to be one!

14) When Nora falls asleep, I think it is so beautiful, I just sit and stare. I imagine it is like when someone goes into an Art Gallery, and they stand and stare at an exhibit. I don't get the whole art exhibit thing, but staring at my sleeping child... that I get!

15) Trying to get pregnant is only fun for about a year, then it becomes work.

16) Every job I've ever had, I knew was only temporary, because I was going to be a SAHM.

17) I wear a shoe size 5.

18) My second grade teacher was Mrs. Evans, (now I'm Mrs. Evans!)

19) I have my hair done twice a month!

20) My sister-in-law is one of the coolest people I have ever met. (That's why I set her up with my brother...)

21) When I was 17, I was the "Denim Expert" at the Gap. I folded denim better then most Gap employees. I still fold denim that way.

22) I have been fired from 5 jobs! (Is that why they were temporary? See #16)

23 )Whenever I am in Target, I recite the closing announcement, "Attention Target guests, the time is now 9:50, and your Target Store will be closing in 10 minutes. At this time, please bring all final purchases to the front of the store. Once again, your Target store will be closing in 10 minutes." I was really good at making that announcement, and never fired from Target.

24) I didn't really think I could come up with 25 random things.

25) I am more vain then I think I am!


Now that I got that last post over with, I can go on to talk about Disney, Oprah, Nora, and sad things. Phew!

Last week Nora got invited to a Fancy Nancy birthday party. It was the absolutely cutest party Nora or I have ever been to. I have to furiously document it's cuteness, beucase when we move, we are TOTALLY having a fancy party just like this one.

Jenni turned her living room into a fancy boutique! There was a "Hair Pretty" station:

There was a "Nail Painting" station,

There was a "Make-up" station, (Noras introduction to make-up, she used to think that only mommies wear make-up)

There was even a "Boutique Dressing Room", so all the girls could get dressed in the fanciest ensambles. There was dancing

There was a fashion show (If you aren't familiar with "Fancy Nancy", you might be asking yourself, "why are these kids dressed so FUNKY? Whats wrong with their hair?" Well, Nancy has very "plain" parents, and so she has to be very creative to be so fancy. Her hair is always crazy! Her clothes never match! But she is also very fun, and special.)

This is the birthday girl... she does have very fancy parents, and never has to try hard at all to be fancy! We love this family so much, and are going to miss them a lot when we move. Nora loves Joni and her sister Aubry!

Hot LOVE! hehehe!!!

Joel said my next post can't have anything to do with Nora, babies, Disney world, or anything sad. I think, he is worried about me slipping into depression. I am not worried about that, because I try to surround myself with positive and uplifting people, and things. The weather is more depressing then anything! It is supposed to be spring like all week, then more snow, and freezing temperatures next week! So, as long as I keep myself far away from the weather, then all shall be well!

In 7 days Katie and I are taking a mini trip to see OPRAH! Oh yeah... I don't think I am aloud to blog about that either...

I have to list another reason why I love being married... I love to snuggle to get warm. Living in a super cold state pays off when you have a 98 degree furnace to jump into bed with every night!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentines Day... LOVE IT!

I love Valentines Day. It seems to be the one holiday, that I don't stress out over. It will be fun this year for Nora to make, then deliver treats to all her friends. We have made special deliveries the last two years, but I haven't had a helper. In celebration of the most ROMANTIC day of the year, I am listing:

Reasons why I LOVE being married:

I love for the many phone calls through out the day, where Joel really, honestly only needs to hear my voice. I get irritated some times, because they are not always at the most convenient times, but I love that he needs to hear me. It it always nice to have a needed voice.

My heart is a little sad today... seems like a common theme on the blog lately. I won't apologize for that, if you read my blog regularly, you know I am often, "Keepin it REAL!"

I had a doctors appointment today. I thought I would leave with comfort, and peace, and joy. However, I left completely numb, confused, worried, frustrated, sad... you know... all the wonderful, emotions that go around while trying to get pregnant. We will keep pushing through this, month after month, and have faith that our prayers will be answered in the form of a snugly, baby bundle. With only a few months left here, we are going to spend time together, relaxing, and not stressing! It is too soon for me to publicly go into details, but I know how many of you are so supportive, and care about our situation. That is such a blessing for us. Thank you!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Yep, today, it hit me!

Before today, the moving day didn't seem that real. The bosses at Joels work were going back and forth of an actual date. On Friday we heard from the boss directly above Joel, that we should plan on March 1st. Not very promising, but still something to work with. Then today Joel talked to the boss', boss, (the brains behind this whole move). He told him his start date in Virginia will be April 1st. More promising then anything else we have heard yet. So, just to keep everyone updated... we ARE still moving. We ARE still selling the house. We ARE extremely sad to go. The three of us are going to make a trip down to the "BEACH" sometime in March, and nail down a rental property, leave a car there, and then come home, and get the rest of our house packed up. It is all very real now. The winter has gotten us a little down, knowing that we have a sunny place to look forward to has helped. Now knowing that we will be here the rest of the winter... tough! BUT, it is the last winter in Michigan. I was talking to a friend from out of state today, and he mentioned that Michigan isn't doing to well. That is the truth. It is cold. The unemployment rate is rising rapidly. Apparently the Governor plans to address the state tomorrow, and say, "The government is not the solution to the problems." Great... can't wait! If we didn't have such great friends and family here, this move would be nothing but, the best thing that could happen! However, we all know that is not the reality. In reality we still struggle with our decision to move. But, we know it is the right thing to do.

I shared a few thoughts in church on Sunday about us moving. Let me explain... Joel is a very hard working, husband. He has a job that requires him to be very social with people all day. He is very good at his job, so good, that they need him in other parts of the country. When he gets home from work, the last thing he wants to do is be social. He wants to stay home, and be with his family. On the other hand, I have a job that has little to no socializing. Unless playing dress up, or potty talking all day counts. Then you would think that I am the most social person on the planet. So, when Joel gets home, and I want to go out, and hang with friends, he gets frustrated! When he gets home, and wants to stay in all night, I get frustrates. We have been able to manage these situations as they come up, but it continues to be an issue. So, while we are preparing to move, Joel and I have been on the same "social" page. We had a conversation about it the other night, all about "who we want to be in v.b.". He knows that my social circle will be non-existent when we get there, so he wants to be more social. I know that as well, and so I want to be more "home maker". It sounds a little twisted/ desperate house wive-ish, but it is really fun. So when we get there, we are going to be new people. The New Evans' are in the making. To think that my husband will be more social, is almost intimidating for me. Everyone knows him as outgoing, and fun to be around already, so we are either going to be the "power couple" or the "how are they together couple". We are trying to make the most out of this, and have a little fun with it too. Psycho... I know! We will always be Joel, Kirstynn and Nora... but this is our chance to be a little bit better then we are now. We have all the people we know here to look up to. I refuse to name names, but we have said, "Let's be... (fill in the name of a very happy couple, or an extremely successful couple, or the couple that is always at church 15 minutes early, with all 5 kids dressed perfectly, with perfect hair, and smiling... you get the idea...).

Who I hope we become, are the happy, and humbled people that love life, and love each other. As long as we continue to raise our family to love one another, as our Savior has loved us, then who we are will take over.

I will continue to update my blog when I learn of information. This was a long boring ranting post with no pictures. I am sorry for that. I needed to get some things out! Phew!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Heck YES!

Our friends Jean and Travis, are really some amazing people! That know so much about so many things. I won't go on about how great they are, because I know how very embarassed they would be, but, Travis fixed our computer! Apparently, I am supposed to click "yes" on some updates, and "no" on others. Some actaully update your computer, and some just crash them. Just to be safe, I decided, I will not update anything! unless, Joel is right there! I can't figure out why someone would send a virus some random computer? I DON'T GET COMPUTERS! They sure do make life great though!

So, I have to catch my blog up, on the going ons.... Florida was a rather interesting trip. The best part was going to Disney World. They opened a new attraction called "Pixie Hallow". It is where the faries live. As you walk through, you notice everything gets bigger, and you are getting smaller. Then you get a little sprinkle of pixie dust, and meet the faries. (Maybe it's a stretch, Ella was on to their shrinking scheme, but as far as 4 year olds, she is really smart. She played along great though!) Nora was so excited to meet Tink. Tink was great! Tink loved the squeaky Nora... I think we will retire the squeakers before our next Disney trip.

We also went into Ariel's Grotto, which we didn't get a chance to do last time. Ariel was so nice! So, half naked, and so cold!!! Did I mention that Orlando had a low of 21 degrees while we were there! Brrrrrrr!!! I have so many pictures that I want to post. it was different not having Joel there, because, last time, I would take the pictures, and he would chase Nora. So, I felt like I have to take less pictures, for fear of losing her. When Jean and travis were over last night, Jean said, "I thought that Nora was too young to love princesses, and that you were the one that loved them, and so Nora loves them by default. Then I see her play room, and how she plays, and she LOVES princesses!" She really does. All I did was introduce them to her. I found two pictures, before this last Disney trip, that are so funny...

Princess Jasmines feet broke off, and Joel didn't know where the super glue was, and so he caulked her feet back on. I came home one night from being out with the girls, and found the recovering patient. Then Nora fell asleep holding Ariel, in her princess dress. Some moms live and breathe legos, fire trucks, at our house, it is Disney Princesses. Sorry, random tangent... We went to Epcot one day. We love it there. We had lunch with the Princesses. We met all our friends, were going to stay for the firework spectacular, but both the kids fell asleep before the show started, so we took off for the evening.

Lots of pictures, and not many words. I am out of words to say. Maybe more later. Apparently my spellcheck is not working yet, so please, forgive my mispellings, while I investigate!!!