Sunday, August 31, 2008


Super Lame Title, I KNOW! I am recovering from the LONGEST day and a half, in a LONG time! Remember how Alie, and the kids were supposed to go see Grandma last week, and things didn't work out, so we were going to see her this week? Here is the rest of the story. Grandma called me on Tuesday, and said, "Please still come, however, I was able to get an appointment with a new doctor about having my hip surgery earlier then October, and I really need to get in to see him. So I will be at your moms house till Friday, then I will see you kiddies when I get home." So us "kiddies" took 6 hours to drive 200 miles. We stopped once to do some shopping, and that was great for the other "kiddies" to burn off some energy. We got to Grandmas house around 8:30pm. Alie got her kids to bed, and I was trying to get mine. NOT happening. Since she doesn't ever sleep in her pack'n'play, I didn't bring it. I assumed she would fall asleep, and just sleep with me. After an hour of failing at that, Alie gave it a crack. Also, FAIL! Then I took her for a 20 minute drive (I know, I always make fun of moms that have to do that, but it worked!), she fell asleep in the car. I carried her inside, and put her to bed. Phew... no problem. How will I do this at Disney? Do you think Mickey makes house calls, and will taxi us around the park, till she falls asleep? Doubt it. So Alie and I stayed up talking about life, and two hours later, Nora woke up. *DRATS* Alie went to bed, and I stayed up for the next 3 hours, trying to get her to sleep. WAS NOT going to happen. Too much to see, and do at grandmas! I fell asleep around 2:30 am. Not sure what time she fell asleep, all I know is she woke up at 6am! So we were up for the day! the beach is going to be REAL fun! I called Grandma, and asked if she would bring the Pack'N'Play with her, so at least Nora would be contained, and maybe I could sleep, even if she were screaming the entire time! Then I found out, that Grandma wasn't coming home. She had an appointment for a pre-op exam, and was going to stay till Tuesday. Right then, Alie and I made an executive decision to GET OUT OF DODGE! So we came home. We first stopped by The LARGEST CHRISTMAS STORE IN THE WORLD, Bronners in Frankenmouth. And hung out in the German town for a minute.

Problem* I switched my camera to shoot in RAW, and when I loaded them on the computer, I can't open them. Come to find out, my editing software came out before my camera, and I need to upgrade it, which is not as easy as it should be. Unfortunately right now, I can't show all the great Christmas store pictures, but I was able to get a few melt down pictures, and crazy Ky pictures. Both of which are very easy to get ANYTIME!

Once again, Daring Bakers!

It is that time of the month again! Today, the August Daring Baker Challenge is due, (along with my August car payment!) I know this is only the 4th challenge I have done, but this one, by far, has been my favorite. The pictures aren't as beautiful as other DB's, but they tasted A-mazing. I actually made the recipe twice, because they were that yummy. I have already had my pics looked at by a professional, and had been given some photog advice. I am still learning, and love any feed back. Ex: These pics were taken in Straight Sunlight, and Open Shade is the best place to take pics. I did not know that, and next time, I will keep that in mind. So, lets get to the story, and the pictures. This is something that most anybody could try. It was not at all complicated like the last... 3 challenges. And, like I said, the taste alone was worth it.

The challenge was given by MeetaK at whatsforlunchhoney.blogspot. And the recipe was from her "sugar daddy" Pierre Hermé. (I am not sure if he is really her Sugar Daddy, or it was a figure of speech?) MeetaK was very generous, and let the DB's play around with the recipe. The recipe was for Chocolate filled eclairs. The first time I made them, I did use chocolate filling, and chocolate topping. Here are 2 shots, that are just "Keepin It Real!"

Take note, this is Nora, eating her breakfast, and I actually made the eclairs at night! Don't judge me! I was exhausted by the time I was done, I made an executive decision, and that was to leave the mess till the morning! Because the first time I made them, it was dark, and there was NO natural light, I decided to make them a second time, with vanilla filling. I am not sure why, but the topping did not set the second time. I tried it twice that day, and could not get it to stiffen. But by all means, they tasted as good as they did the first time.

I realize that I have been really lousy at blogging lately. I am really embarrassed to hear that there are a few people spreading rumors about my "Fabulous" blog, and honestly, I suck at it! If you are looking for a "FABULOUS" blog, go here. Last week, she gave away 3 KITCHEN AID MIXERS! She has great pictures, and great recipes.

We are leaving for Disney in SIX days!!! I have so much to blog about before I go, so later today, and this week, when I take a tutu break, stay tuned!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Favorite Cooker Books!

After a maddening week of slaving away in the kitchen, I have to thank the ones who got me through it! These are a few of my favorite cook books. I have developed quite the collection, but I love these ones the most. "How to Cook Everything" has become my bible in the kitchen. When my little friend Maggie started to read, she read the title, and said, "Everything?" I said, "Yep, name some food, and we'll see if it is in here." "Grilled Cheese?" "YUP", "Macarroni and Cheese?", "YUP", "Spaghetti?", "YUP", "I know a really good one, Ratatouille!", "Hmmm, that is a good one, really that is a French food though, so I doubt it would be- YUP!" This book has everything from the most basic to the most fancy recipes. I love it! I have a confession, I don't know how to make rice. I know... I make fancy, funky foods all day long, but I never remember how to make rice! So, at least onces per week, I am on the rice page! I am so lame! So, if you are in the market for a MUST HAVE recipe book, these are a few to get started!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Art you can Eat!

YIKES! I went 5 days without a single post! How sad for anyone who reads this! Haha... yeah, right! I was supposed to be out of town this week, however, my silly grandma, forgot that she had guests at her house, that were going to be there at the same time we were, and because of her tiny little cottage in the woods, doesn't sleep more then... 6 people, we decided it would be best to come up next week. So on Thursday, Alie, Moi, and the kids are going over the river, and through the woods to grandmothers house WE GO! Then we come home, and GET READY FOR DISNEY! I can't believe it is two weeks from now! I have kept saying, summer won't be over till we get home from Disney. So sad to think! I really hate hate winter, and become very anti-EVERYTHING! I hate to admit, but snow makes me really crabby! Maybe this is the winter, that I will have reason to BE HAPPY! Of course there are a lot of reasons to be happy, but with 20 degree temperatures, it is harder to seek after the good. The good news is that BLOGGING is done inside my warm cozy home! The bad news, is that the posts might be LAME! Come winter, I will make it a goal, to make my posts an oasis for the crabby snow haters like me!

Anyways, nice therapy session for myself. I have been messing with Photoshop Elements. I used to think that I am a pretty quick learner, and I can figure things out by playing around. This program has really changed my mind about how smart it am! I feel super dumb, and humbled! It is fun to play around, and as long as I have my book, and my phone, I can usually figure out what I want to accomplish.

Nora has began calling her daddy, Joel! I can't get over it! I laugh every time, and it encourages her to keep going. He doesn't mind being called Joel, and even likes it. Me on the other hand, could not disagree more. (Welcome to parenting 101: when a mom and dad were not raised by the same mom and dad, there may be a time when ideas, and styles are not the same. This is the first. I am sure there will be more!) So, now I call Joel, "Daddy" all the time! I feel so stupid doing it, and I am sure I sound pretty stupid too. But after this conversation, what choice do I have?

Me: Joel, do you think we have time to ... blah blah whatever!
Joel: Huh, what?
Joel: What? (He was really into the Track and Field event that was on!)
Me: JOEL! Seriously?
Nora: (she puts her hand on her head) Joel, Joel, Joel!

So, even though it is very cute now, I don't think that at 14 it would be very cute, or respectful. I really had no intention of going on and on about nothing really! Let us get to the good stuff!

Because I am lacking the ability to let lose, and let Nora get dirty! "Daddy" thought it would be a good idea to really get messy! We made edible finger paints.

It is only vanilla pudding, plus food coloring! I was in charge of taking pictures, so that way, I didn't have to worry about clean up! I think I heard a comment like, "You have to get used to mommy taking a LONG time when you have a project. She has to get the right angles! She does projects for you, only for the pictures!" OK, so maybe I do put a great project right in front of her, and don't let her touch it. But, I try to do it quickly, and I NEVER do it only for the picture. It is WAY more fun to see her enjoying herself, then it is getting the perfect shot. A lot of stuff we do, doesn't even get photographed, and therefore never makes it on THE BLOG. ANYWAYS, (there I go again, ranting!) So, we set up the paper on the picnic table.
Then we do a little demonstration on eating, and painting.

I sat and watched the entire time. Not worried at all about the gunk in the different crevices, and under the nails, etc. It was Nora herself, that freaked out about stuff being all over her hands. This next picture, is something that I NEVER want to see! I am repulsed by the very existence. But it is my step towards loosening up! Lets say that Nora drooled over the pudding while I was taking the pictures, and the drool left streaks going down her chest!

Our lesson for the day...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The fruits I have not labored!

After I planted my garden, I developed SEVERE allergies. I was able to spend a few days a week weeding, and tending, until it got so bad, that I wasn't even able to spend a minute out side to breathe! I am pleased to announce MY ALLERGIES are under control! (Until next year!) My garden... NOT SO MUCH! This was our first garden, and we learned a lot, and have already made changes to put into place for next year. Like raised beds! I am too old, and lazy to be bending over, and getting dirty. We have researched all sorts of different ways to do the beds, and wil be starting it this year, to be ready for next. I love that there are vegetables that can grow even if nobody loves and cares for them. See what I picked today? These will be for sure planted in the next garden.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

HAPPY 32nd!

That's right, yesterday my MAN turned 32! I have to gush over him for only a minute. Apparently, on occasion, when he is working, and he misses his girls, he will go on THE BLOG, and catch up on what happens in our life. Lets say that only one time per year I am allowed to do this! I do it all the time at home, but for blogging sake, I think birthdays are appropriate!

Facts about Joel:

1) He has the biggest sweet tooth known to man! If I don't keep candy in the house, he will eat, chocolate chips, brown sugar, frosting, hot fudge, anything that contains sugar. He is as skinny as a rail, so it isn't too problematic! Funny story... Sunday was my turn for sharing time. My class discussed that for a hand out we would pass out York Peppermint Patties, with the saying "Jesus "MINT" for us to repent so we can live with Heavenly Father again." So, on Monday, I bought a pound of yorks. On Tuesday night, Joel came to me, with an obvious sugar buzz,

Joel: (said as he was literally bouncing on the bed) Hey, I did something, and you might be mad at me for it! BUT, I am pretty sure if I make you a bag of popcorn, you won't be mad.
Me: What did you do?
Joel: I can't tell you! (still bouncing) If you don't know, then I can't tell you. Really, I am sure you will be mad, but I know you will be better with popcorn. I can't tell you what I did.
Me: (Standing at the bed, hand on my hip, wondering what the heck he is on!) Joel, tell me, what did you do? I would rather you tell me, then me find out on my own.
Joel: That is the thing, you may not find out! So, if you don't know, I should wait because maybe you won't know!
Me: Joel, have you been eating candy-
Joel: Maybe
Me: Joel, did you eat my Jesus mints?
Joel: UH OH- Those were the Jesus mints? I didn't eat all of them I swear!

So, I made him bring me the ones that he didn't eat. He brought me 4! I am still cracking up at what a little kid he is!

2)When ever I call him, he answers the phone, "Beautiful". It doesn't matter if he is in the bathroom, in an office full of contractors, with his young mens group! Sometimes he is in a meeting with some major clients, and he will answer in a whisper, "Can't talk beautiful, call you later".

3) If you ask him his hobbies, he will say, playing with my daughter, spending time with my wife in the temple, playing in the yard, physical labor and eating candy. It is true, he loves to work! It is such a blessing to have an amazing father for our baby!

4) Speaking of baby, the first time Joel ever held a baby, was minutes after Nora was born. Who knew he would end up being such a pro?

I love you babes! Happy Birthday, and sorry to embarrass you, it is all because I love you so much!!

Nora and I are heading out of town this week, to visit my grandma, and so Joel can get his budgets done before we go to Disney. Won't be posting for a few days! Have a great week all!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Movie/Theater Review

This movie came out on Friday, "Fly Me to the Moon". Ky was counting down the days. In Brighton, the theater has 20 some screens. You would think that for sure they would play this movie. WRONG! So Alie, myself, and the kids went to Novi to see it. It was in 3D. HOW FUN! Let me tell you, Nora does something at least once a day that just cracks me up. Today the theater was the place. She is so stinkin small, that her body weight can't keep the seat down. She sat in this booster seat, with a tub of popcorn the size of her entire upper body. That in itself was a sight to see. I wish I could have gotten a picture! Then she puts on the 3D glasses that are made for 4 year olds. So this alone was worth the trip! I loved the movie. I have a big beef with flies in my house right now, so this softened my heart to the nasty little annoyances! I love that the kids movies now, are even educational. Did you know that Flies have over 4,000 lenses per eye (they only have 2 eyes) but can't see worth a darn! It makes me feel a little better about taking Nora to movies. So, it was a very cute movie, and I loved it. The 3D part of it was so great. I felt like I could really reach out and touch the moon. 3D movies aren't what they used to be. Great graphics, and cute story. Now, onto my review of the theater. We went to The Emagine Entertainment Theater in Novi. They charged me for Nora's ticket, which usually children under 2 are free. Oh well, not a big deal, paid for her ticket. Well, since the 3D glasses didn't even fit her, and the movie was blurry without the glasses, the movie meant nothing to her! That was my biggest complaint. I really didn't want to make a stink of it, so I didn't. I woke up this morning, and it was still bothering me. So I called them right away, and told them my issue. The manager was very apologetic, and said she would send me a free pass. Which was nice, but since I don't go there regularly, doesn't mean a lot. I basically wanted her to know that the glasses were the problem, and that not all kids can wear them. Oh well. So that is my review. I would recommend it to anyone. Older and young. Not small though. Later today, we will see if we can recreate the scene of Nora in her movie chair. She is so funny!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let the countdown begin!!!

We are officially preparing for one of the most anticipated family vacations ever. Of course it is the first family vacation ever. In 23 days, my family, my brother and his family, and my parents are going to DISNEY WORLD! My mom started a tradition, that when each of her grand children turns 5, they are taking the whole family to see Mickey. Pretty freakin sweet deal, I think. When I was a nanny, I went to WDW with they family I worked for. I remember thinking it was TOTALLY lame. Now that I have my own child, I couldn't be more excited. Even though it is a trip for Kyree, it will still be fun for us too. I have made Nora a tutu for every day of the week. Each one represents a different princess. We have been watching on YOU TUBE, when kids meet the characters, so that she doesn't FREAK out when she meets them. So far so good. Remember when she met the Easter Bunny, not so cool. She is way past that stage though. Since she doesn't watch TV, she has no idea who Mickey is, so last week, we went to the library, and got some Disney movies, and books. She does love Pooh, and one day we are having breakfast with him and all his friends. We are also going to a "NOT SO SCARY" Halloween Party. All the characters are dressed in costumes, and all the villains come out. Nora is going as Cruelle De'Ville. Then for the "actual" birthday dinner, we are going to Mickey Mouse, Backyard BBQ. So tonight, we tie-dyed our t-shirts that we are going to wear. The kids had fun, and I was even able to relax, and let them be creative! Papa won the award for "Most Decorative", OF COURSE! He claims that he has never done tie-dye before. Whatever!

Happy 百!

In Chinese, 百 is the symbol for 100. One day, while blog hopping, I saw a post that was a celebration of their 100th post! I thought, WOW, it is going to take me forever till I get that far! It only took 5 months!!! So, Happy 100th TO ME!

I have been up late at night watching the Olympics. I tried watching it the following day, and it doesn't seem the same. I love the drama, the spirit of the games, and watching the unthinkable. I am not sure how it is possible to keep getting faster and faster times. Eventually it will only take 1sec to swim the freestyle 400m right? The record has to top out somewhere. I am very excited for the track events to get started. Joel gets really excited about track, and it brings him back to his youth. I love to see him light up, when they race the hurdles. He loves it!

Yesterday, I had an idea to make a treat with the kids. It was a messy treat, and rather then let the kids be creative, and do it their way, I got stressed, and didn't let them help as much as I should have. Licking fingers while preparing food is a big deal to me! I realize that I limit the kids to their potential by being a freak about stuff. One more thing I need to be better at. Anyways, I though the pictures turned out great, and they tasted even better. The kids got to eat several, so that made up for me being cranky! Lesson of the day, "Don't sweat the small stuff".

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


That is the scouts motto right? Anyway, every Monday night, 3-6 CRAZY mommies meet up at 9pm for Happy Hour appetizers at Applebees. Usually we close up the place, then go grocery shop. It has been a tradition for over a year. I look forward to my girl time every week. I usually roll home around 2 or 3 in the morning. A couple of times my sister-in-law has joined us, but usually I am the only "Mormon" there. At the grocery store I usually stock up on one item, or two, or if there is a great sale, SEVERAL items! I have had to explain a few times, "No, not because I am afraid the world is going to end... it is about being prepared." So here is my two cents on Food Storage.

Found on the church website, "We encourage members world-wide to prepare for adversity in life by having a basic supply of food and water and some money in savings." I have seen this become a blessing in a couple of families. One friend I have at church said, her husband lost his job, and was unemployed for 8 months. Because of their food storage, they were able to pay bills with money they had saved, and except for perishable items, they lived solely on their emergency supply. Any night of the week, you can turn on the news, and more then likely, there has been some devastation in some part of the world. "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."

When we first started accruing our food storage, it was quite overwhelming. There was SO much information! It was mind boggling. It still it. Trying to use stuff before it expires, keeping it organized, restocking it. Someone at church passed along a GREAT way to get it started. It is called "Project Noah". This is what has worked for us, and I am happy to pass it along. If anyone has other ideas/suggestions/testimonies/questions, feel free to pass it on.

Project Noah
This is a suggested schedule for accumulating a basic food storage. Purchase items listed per family member. Example: 3 cans of corn x 4 family members = 12 cans of corn. If you family does not eat a certain product then substitute it for a similar one that your family does eat. Watch sales and use coupons to cut costs.

_______ Week 1: 5lbs sugar & powdered sugar
_______ Week 2: 5 lbs flour & 1 jar of yeast
_______ Week 3: 2 lbs brown sugar & 2 lbs salt
_______ Week 4: Baking powder, baking soda, box of vanilla

_______ Week 1: 3 cans of corn & 3 boxes of Jell-O
_______ Week 2: 3 cans of peas & 3 boxes of pudding
_______ Week 3: 3 cans of string beans & jar of pickles
_______ Week 4: 3 cans of tomatoes & 3 jars of spaghetti sauce

_______ Week 1: 4 cans of cream of chicken soup & 1 lg. jar of salad dressing
_______ Week 2: 4 cans of chicken noodle soup & 2 cans chicken stock
_______ Week 3: 4 cans of cream of mushroom soup & 4 cans of refried beans
_______ Week 4: 3 cans of vegetable soup & 1 jar of salsa

_______ Week 1: 3 cans of favorite soup & 1 box of Saran wrap
_______ Week 2: 2 lbs macaroni & 2lbs of Spaghetti
_______ Week 3: 2lbs of rice & 2 cans of yams or pumpkin
_______ Week 4: 1 lg jar of peanut better and 1 box of ziploc baggies

_______ Week 1: 1 lg box of instant potatoes & 1 cake mix with frosting
_______ Week 2: 1 lg box of oatmeal & 1 jar of mustard
_______ Week 3: 1 lg bottle of honey & 1 bottle of syrup
_______ Week 4: 4 cans of tuna & 1 jar of Mayonnaise

_______ Week 1: 1 lg jar of jam & 1 brownie mix
_______ Week 2: 2 cans of favorite canned meat & 1 bottle of ketchup
_______ Week 3: 1 can of chicken in broth & 2 cans of pork & beans
_______ Week 4: 2 cans of beef stew or chili & 2 cans of kidney beans

_______ Week 1: 3 jars of apple sauce & 3 cans of peaches
_______ Week 2: 1 bottle of oil & 1 can of shortening
_______ Week 3: 4 cans of favorite fruit & 2 boxes of cereal
_______ Week 4: 7 gallons water

_______ Week 1: 1 large package of favorite drink
_______ Week 2: 1 lg box of instant milk
_______ Week 3: 1 large jar of orange juice mix
_______ Week 4: 2 cans of peanuts & 2 pkg dried fruit

_______ Week 1: peroxide & alcohol
_______ Week 2: first aid cream & cotton balls
_______ Week 3: first aid tape & ace bandage
_______ Week 4: dish soap

_______ Week 1: laundry soap
_______ Week 2: 2 bars of body soap
_______ Week 3: bleach & stain remover
_______ Week 4: toothpaste & mouthwash

_______ Week 1: shampoo, conditioner, hair products
_______ Week 2: sanitary napkins & diapers
_______ Week 3: napkins, paper cups, plastic silverware
_______ Week 4: paper plates & trash bags

_______ Week 1: toothbrush
_______ Week 2: toilet paper & individually wrapped handi wipes
_______ Week 3: batteries & flashlight
_______ Week 4: waterproof matches & candles

Along with this, I can still remember a talk, to this day. I was in the Salt Lake City Conference Center when President Hinckley gave it. It is one that is referenced often, and goes into depth on the subject. Click here for the talk.

Warm Fuzzies ALL DAY!

Tuesday we went to see our friends at Ashley Court again! This month we brought colored noodles, and made necklaces for our friends. Then we gave them a little mini concert. It is such an amazing feeling to be there. I know that they are in the final stages of their life, and that our presence doesn't mean a lot to them, but I know that when they pass on, and leave this life, they will once again remember their little friends that wanted to make them happy for a short minute in this life. My girl is really too little to understand what we are doing there, but there are kids that want to go there. It is so comforting to see the kids that know what is going on, and chose to help. I hope and pray that when Nora does know the difference, she will still chose to help. *END MUSHINESS*... pictures... friends, don't hate me! Not only is it fun to see the kids play, and sing, it is even more fun to see the moms! I played DJ, and photographer, so unfortunately, I didn't make it in any of the pictures! BIG FAT BUMMER!!!

This is my new friend Julies son Micah! He is my new favorite little 3 year old. I can see him as future son-in-law material!!! Precious, as he gives his work of art to his new friend. This is Emery. He cracks me up. I think I posted a pic of him last time. It is so great to see him every month, even if he is a Spratan fan!
The girls love to help Nora, and she loves the help.
This necklace didn't fit, so we made it a head band. She held onto "Her baby" the entire time we were there.
GO CARRIE! GO JULIE! Bittany, I am going to have to ask you to do a little better next time. That tea pot of yours, is a little bland! But Quinn makes a MEAN pot of tea!!!

Later that evening, I had Achievement Day Girls with the girls at church. It is only the second activity I attended since getting the calling. What DRAMA! 15 or so 8-11 year old girls. WOW! We played kick ball. When one team was losing, one girl quit! When one girl didn't know how to play, she laid on the field and cried. I looked on in disbelief! I have a lot to learn. Ice cream, and lemon aide makes everything better. In the middle of the game, 6 hot air balloons were showing up to see us compete!!! Nora was SO excited! Her balloon shirt brought good luck tonight! I was so happy I had my camera!

It is days like these, I get on my knees at night, and thank my Father for the amazing blessings that he continues to pour upon my family!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Last week, when Joel had an evening home with Nora, I got to hear all about it the next day. I heard how they put a tent up in the back yard, and then they roasted marshmallows on the grill. Then, I hear about jumping on the air mattress. I didn't think it was a bad idea. The hardest part was knowing, that dad has WAY more fun with her then I do. I am so boring!!! The next night we jumped on the air mattress some more. It was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing. Then I realized, I should record this, then I thought, this is how kids break their arms, and snap their necks. NO MORE! Leave it to the boring mom, to ruin all the fun. She could have done this ALL night long! I wonder why she was up all night crying, (major whip lash?).

Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Baby Steps" part I...

I have yet to put anything very private on our blog. Why? I really don't have a clue who reads this. Unless you post to us who you are. So, welcome to my first post that could be considered private, and sensitive...

This issue specifically has been on our families mind in the last year. We have had a bugger of a time trying to get Nora her little brother or sister. It has not been something that we open up about. It is not something we spend hours and days, and months obsessing about. We are very patient, and calm with the situation. We went to see the doctor yesterday for our first visit. They were pretty confident that it will happen. We were able to get pregnant with our first (after 11months) so, it is just a matter of verifying what the problem is, and finding the appropriate remedy for it. Sometime this month we will have more tests done. We are very prayerful in this. We see more children in our family. We are so blessed to have the knowledge that our plan is set out by our Father in Heaven. Our plan, is His. We will continue to pray for this opportunity. Like I said, I have been so busy with my almost 2yr. old, that the issue doesn't consume me. She is definitely an only child, and her attitude proves it! She needs to have a sibling, so she knows that the world doesn't revolve around her, among many other reasons! Hopefully "Baby Steps" part II is some exciting, or informative news.
*Added later: Tests include- blood work done (day 3 of cycle), Mid-cycle ultra sound (day 13 of cycle), Joel meets small plastic cup, (can his boys swim?)
*Added later: Blood work came back, ALL NORMAL!
*Added later: Today (8/25) I had a mid-cycle ultra sound. It was very comforting, and helpful. I was told that I was ovulating, and that a cyst had opened up, and released some fluid around, and in my uterus. The doc was not alarmed by this finding. He said that it may water down the seman. Joel has an appointment next week to have an ultra-sound done, and also a seman sample! Yay for him! He said if he didn't already have a little one, he would say, "NO WAY". But since he knows the reward that comes from the whole experience, he is willing to make sacrafices. I love him! Talk about the man of my dreams!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Weird combo!

I was driving along on Latson last week, and I heard a song I really liked! Thanks to satelitte radio, I can read the information of the song, and it is a good thing, because, not in a million years, would I ever think to put these two together. With SIRUS radio, it is a mixed bag. You can hear stuff that is always on the radio, and stuff that you would only hear if you were listening to your neighbor singing in the shower. I haven't listened to real radio in months, so I am not sure if this is a popular song or not, but I loved it! Miss Nelly Furtado did a duet, with the lovely! smokin... Keith Urban. It's called "In God's Hands". They didn't do a video together, but here is the song.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

"A" squared!

That is what the locals call it. Or Ace Deuce! Others call it Ann Arbor! Not only is my husband fabulous for letting me go out on my 2nd girls night this week, my mom is great for helping taking "The Moo" while Joel finished up working.

When the "BIG DOGS" asked me to hang with them, I could not resist! Two super great photographers let me tag along on an, "All photog trip" to "Ace Deuce"! I don't know ANYTHING about my camera, so I was mostly frustrated the whole time, but I had fun eating, and watching those two crazy cats!

We ate on the side walk at Gratzi! We all ate something delicious. I inspired the gals to love food photography! If it only brought in the big bucks like pet photography does!

Then we hit up an alley way, where we were hit up by what is called a "Transion", someone who has a place to wash up, and look presentable, but doesn't have established residency. Trying to get us for some cash, so he can help operate a homeless shelter. Blah, blah, blah!!! (Don't get me wrong, I am sure it was a great organization. I have seen A&E Intervention too many times to know that people will say, and do ANYTHING for their next "fix". And, as Laurel said, 10% of our income goes to an organization that distributes funds for different causes.) Anyway... so shooting in an alley, frustrated with the dang thing, being told, "IT TAKES TIME... You'll get it... You can't learn it over night..." More blah, blah, blah! I am sure it takes time, and I know eventually I will get some of it, but how about right now, that sounds good!! This is me hating on my camera, and Laurel loving on hers!

After we told more homeless people, we don't have any money, we went in a Shokolad, and binged on fancy, and I am sure overpriced chocolate. The owner was actually interested in hiring a food photographer! So, maybe just maybe, I got something? We sat, talked cameras, ate chocolate, of course took pictures. They advertise for my OB's office, and I was very excited!

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE... Chocolate, and SHOES! I will have a pair in size 6 please!

Then it got too dark, and I grew too annoyed! So we hit the drag, and headed home.... BUT, not before one of my FAVORITE THINGS... Why is it I love food so much? YIKES! Zingerman's it the ultimate "A" squared experience. We went pretty late, so they were very eager to give us all sorts of yummy samples of cheese, bread, and yummieness! As if we hadn't already eaten ourselves stupid, we took them up on their offers! The real photographers were in food photoing heaven! Me, I was just eating. I didn't even bring my bugger thing in!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Deception in the KITCHEN

What do you get when 4 sneaky moms, and 7 picky eatin kids, enter the cleanest, most organized kitchen on the planet?

That was the story today at my new friend Julies house! We were all inspired by Jessica Seinfeld. Today was PUREE day! This book has all the great ways to trick your kids into eating their vegetables. My kid is young enough, that she doesn't need much convincing. The older kids on the other hand... well, here is the rest of the story....

Step 1: Pick out the recipes, and the vegetable you will be using.

Step 2: steam the vegetables (rice steamers work great, so do micro cookers, and ovens, and basket steamers... we used a little bit of everything!) We pureed; carrots, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, squash, and sweet potatoes.

Step 3: the actual puree (for this we used the trusty not dusty, food processor!)

Step 4: bag it up! and freeze it!

Step 5: make a yummy treat for the kiddies!

Step 6: DON'T TELL THEM WHAT'S IN IT! You'll be sorry!

These purees will be used throughout the week in meals Im cookin. Shhhh, don't tell Joel or baby! They will never know. TO BE CONTINUED....