Wednesday, April 30, 2008

High School Musical... take notes!

I have a part time job. On Mondays and Wednesdays I babysit for my friends two kids. Maggie and Ryan. Maggie is 7 and Ryan is 4. They introduced Nora and I to High School Musical. We love it! Maggie crushes over Troy Bolton. And Ryan knows all the words to all the songs! If we sing them wrong he gets really frusterated. I told them today, if they performed well, I would post all about them on my blog. Here is Ryans performance. He is so hilaroius, and I crack up at him every day! You'll have to pause the background music. I am trying to get rid of that thing, but I can't quite figure that out yet. I need Jenni to come home!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What the HECK... PAULA!

I am watching American Idol, and the contestants just finished round one. This week they get two performances, however that judges don't comment until the end of the 2nd performance. So after round one, Ryan wanted a quick rundown from the judges. Paula was speaking as if she heard two performances already! What in the WORLD is she on? I can't wait to see what the Gossip Columns say about her tomorrow. OH MY! GOOOOOOO, David Archuleta! I love him!

Who's the MOMMY?

What a fun few days. I never thought playing with dolls, all day every day, could be so much fun! (said with minor sarcasim) Nora has really picked up on the doll thing A LOT! I think she is too young for dolls. But there are two babies that she loves! One we named Weewee. It is a doll that actually has a potty, and goes potty or "papa" when she drinks liquids. The other is Lilly. They both love to be swaddled, fed, danced, and about anything else that Nora loves to do. When we go to bed at night, Weewee and Lilly both have to read stories with us, and drink milk too. Thankfully Weewee doesn't have the sucking reflex! That could really put a damper on night time! Allie said she has replaced her binky with babies. It could be, because she calls them the same thing, "Bibi". I thought this was super funny, and had to take a picture, and post a blog about it! Nora wanted to wear her apron, like mommy sometimes does, and then wanted to take care of baby. This picture is of Lilly. I hope by the time we have another baby, she has learned how "gentle" is really important. Now, I don't think she quite gets it, or cares, when I tell her gentle. Sorry to bore you with simple baby moments. It is getting sad, that my baby is big enough to have babies of her own. Well.... you know what I mean!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shoe-Mania Weekend!!!

I have a love for shoes, and it is quite obvious that my daughter also does. Shoes was one of her first words. Even when she was super tiny, and shoes didn't come in her size, she wore socks that looked like shoes. She is too little to play dress up, but she wears dress up shoes all the time! This weekend, I hit some MAJOR sweet Moms2moms sales, and the shoe party began! We got some really funky, and fun shoes. We got orange cons, red tweed Mary Jane's, and my favorite... to go along with her Minnie mouse dress, the Minnie mouse shoes. They have a little heel, and when she tried to walk in them, she was wobbling all over the place. She will be a pro by the time we meet Minnie Mouse! Only 132 days left! It is still really fun to dress her up. I know that I don't have much time left. I think within the next two years, she will be telling me what she is going to wear. Then we will see how out personalities really mesh!

After church today, Joels brother, and dad came over for dinner. It was so fun to see them play with Nora. She loves her Uncle Dan, and wanted him to read Barney. When he refused, Grandpa tried to read The Foot Book... she thought it was... OK, but playing blocks with the guys... that was her FAVE!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I love you Allie (OWWWWW!!!!)

On Wednesday my sister-in-law came over for an innocent play date with the kids! She very casually mentioned that she was starting a "Beach Body Boot Camp" that evening. Later on she referenced "Boot Camp" with a "we". She meant we = me! I really thought she had fallen off her rocker! She is tough as nails, and thought, there is NO way I could keep up with her. Well, I got to thinking about it, and here are my thoughts. 1) I need to get in shape before we have another baby. 2) If I take the class, and honestly do the work, then either I will have a "Beach Body", or I can justify why I don't work out! When we showed up to the class, we had a teacher that had to be in her late 50's. And had a super HOT body! I first though... NOT FAIR, then I thought, maybe when I am in my 50's I will have more time to work out. She about killed us! It felt great to be in the gym again, and I am glad I signed up. It will be great bonding for Allie and I! Even though I curse her for my soreness! The next day, I ran 1/2 mile! What am I thinking? I am so sore today. I have to do story time at the library time, and I have a feeling "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" is going to be done sitting down. Sorry Nora you have a mommy that can't jump around like all the other mommies. Maybe in a few weeks! OWWW!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

TAG, you're IT!

1. Where was I 10 years ago?
April of 1998... I was living in Rexburg going to Ricks. My best roomie ever... Cristi and I were loving Spring at Ricks! Probably chasing around RM's, and sleeping, and playing more then we should have been! GOOD TIMES!!!

2. 5 things on my to do list today....
Clean the play room, American Idol, Iron, make dinner, mail out bills

3. 5 snacks I enjoy...
Salt and Vinegar Chips, cherry tomatoes, grapes, chocolate, Popcorn with granola bites

4. What would you do if you got a billion dollars?
Pay someone to design, build, and decorate our dream house. Send lots of money to charity. Spend lots of time traveling! The possibilities are endless!!!

5. 5 places I have lived?
1. Brighton, Mi.
2. Morristown, NJ
3. Rexburg, Id.
4. Ann Arbor, Mi.
5. Howell, Mi.

6. 5 jobs that i have had...
1. Target Team Member
2. Denim Expert at The Gap
3. Maurices
4. Nanny

7. 5 things you don't know about me....
1. I have a fear of the dentist
2. I don't know where Iraq is located on a map
3. I got a tattoo when I was 18, just because I could.
4. I am left handed
5. When I am at home alone, I leave the top button of my jeans un-done

Now I want to TAG... 1. Jessica 2. Cristi 3. Brenda 4. Amy 5. Jean

10 Guilty Pleasures

A friend I LOVE! decided to make her topic one day, Confessions. Basically, I just copied her idea and did 10 things I plea guilty to. Her post made me feel better about myself, and speaking of which... number ten,

10) On days when I am feeling down, maybe things aren't perfect... I like to turn on Jerry Springer for about 2 minutes, then I feel a whole lot better about my life!

9) Sometimes when I notice someone checking out Nora, I whisper to her, "Blow them a kiss". They totally think she did it all on her own! Even she gets a kick out of it!

8) I am TOTALLY a blog stalker! I can't tell you whose, but you know who you are!

7)Sometimes I let Nora eat an apple while we are walking around the store. She usually only eats about 3-4 bites, and when I get the to counter, I say, "Just ring up this whole apple 2 times". They never do.

6) I take an extra long time going to the bathroom. It is the most private place in the house. (Hopefully Joel skips reading this post)

5) A piece of chocolate and a cold diet coke, is considered a well balanced meal for me.

4) I have 10 pair of black pumps, and I WANT MORE!

3) I watch The Hills every Tuesday. I can't watch it on Monday, because Joel makes fun of me, so I wait till he leaves for work on Tuesday.

2) Nora makes me out of my right mind. She is so great, that I can't justify logical things to make her happy. Because of how cute she is, I want to give her whatever she wants. Really bad, I know, but I am trying to be better.

1) Joel is one stud muffin, and my greatest guilty pleasure!

BINKY madness

I have to start off this picture of Noras "RING POP". You know, those suckers you would wear as a ring. Well, she thought it was an extra special "bibi". She even sucked it into the actual shape of her "bibi".

So on Sunday Nora threw out all her binkies. I kept one, and clipped off a little bit from the end. At night time, when she asked for her "bibi" and I gave it to her, she sucked it, took it out, and said, "no, no, bobo". Translated, means, "Oh, NO, it's broken." She seemed alright with it being broke, and sucked it anyway. On Monday she was cranky all day! Never has she been so mean, and whinney. We will see how she does today. I want my sweet baby back! "no, no, she is Bobo".

Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday is a SPECIAL DAY!

Saturday was a special day, it's the day we got ready for Sunday, and in this house, that meant preparing for Joels talk. This is the second talk he has been asked to give since becoming a member. He put so much of his heart into preparing it, and it was beautiful to see him present it. He is really great, and I am so blessed to be a part of him spiritually.

We were also preparing Nora for nursery take 2! Here she is looking as cute as ever. She was twirling around all morning in her dress, and I though for sure she would love to show her friends how to twirl in nursery. So, here's how it went. I take her to nursery. I leave. I hear her cry as I leave, but it wasn't bad, to the screaming of other kids. Then sitting in Sunday school, I don't hear anymore screaming, just crying, from my little baby!

Kirstynn: "Joel, will you go check and see if the nursery workers want us to come in, and if she is ok, come right back."

Joel: "OK"

Sunday school is over, and no Joel. I know that he has to be in priesthood, so I go release him. He is sitting at the tiny table, in the tiny chair with all the tiny children. As he is leaving, Nora begins to cry, then she sees me, and seems... "Well, I guess she'll do". I miss Relief Society completely. Needless to say, it wasn't as bad as last week, but it wasn't great either. Apparently, when Joel went to see how she was, she was laying on the floor, pouting, and stacking blocks. Every once in a while, she would look at the nursery workers at remind them, "I am not happy".

Nature Center Nightmare!

On Fridays, Nora and I volunteer at the Howell Nature Center. We spend an hour filling the bird feeders. This was our first week. I thought it would be really fun for the two of us to spend time serving the community. I want her to have an appreciation for animals (unlike me). Then if I see her appreciate them more, it may motivate me more to also appreciate them. Well... bad first impression. We went to the office where we were supposed to get trained... and the first thing I see is 2 dead mice in a bird cage, with a bird eating away at it! I HATE MICE with a passion. I took a deep breath, and said a prayer that I wouldn't "toss my cookies" right then and there. Then the nature lady takes us to where we find the food. As she is opening the door to this room, she says, as she flips on the lights, "This is the MOUSE HOUSE". A room FILLED top to bottom with caged mice! Oh boy... I am really going to have to consider how much I want to do service! You might be thinking, "Come on Kirstynn, buck it up! It's a little tiny mouse, what can it do to you?" I have had a fear of mice since I was 8 years old, and one ran under my foot while I was standing on my tip toes brushing my teeth! I have been fearful of them ever since. So anyway... here are a few pictures of Nora having fun filling the bird feeders. She is officially the smallest member of the staff.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Dr. visit update

Like anyone really cares, but the only way I can justify blogging is if I continue to document, and journal. Some day I will need to know this stuff.

The visit with doctor Madison was wonderful. Nora knows when she gets there, it isn't going to be fun with friends. She gets really nervous when they want to measure her head, weigh her, and take her temperature. She gained an entire pound since the last time she was there. She weighs 18lbs, and 9oz. She is in the 55th percentile for most 6 month olds. It is not anything Dr. Madison seems to be concearned with. She is skinny like her dad. She is allowed to have lots of ice cream, and butter on EVERYTHING... even cherrios! Hmm? She was given a brief test to check for autisim, and she passed. The "birth mark" on her head is not getting bigger, so that is good. It is time to get off the binky, so we are going to start that on Sunday after nursery. (Wish me luck) The more she sleeps, the more her brain grows, so too much sleep is impossible. Since she is so skinny, her knees look extra big. There is a little bit of fat around her knees, but they look like they bow in a little bit. She tested her reflexes, and it all seemed normal, again something she is not worried about. Baby anxiety is totally normal at this stage in their lives. I don't ever leave her with anyone except for daddy, and someimes Lulu and grandma. She really needs a little brother or sister, so mommy has something else to focus on. Maybe next year? The hair is also her dads gene, and there is really no hope for that. Nora should know how to say at least 20 words. I think she does, but I don't know for sure. I have an ongoing list going. It doesn't mean that we always understand what she is saying. By the time she is 2, a stranger should understand 50% of what she says. That is our home work. We don't go back for another appointment for 6 more months. That is a long time to wait to see out favorite doctor. We will go after our Disney trip, so we can tell her all about it!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hey, hey, hey, goodbye!

Kristy's departure on AI last night was bitter sweet. Bitter because now, I can't run to get popcorn during her performances, and sweet, because, well... I won't be too harsh. Brooke White really needs to pull out a "Let it be" performance next week, otherwise, I worry.

Enough American Idol. In Michigan we are so lucky to have all four seasons. After the long winter months, it makes spring that much more wonderful. It is 71 degrees today. I couldn't bare the thought of spending one more hour in the sandbox! So when a friend from the ward called this morning and wanted to play, we were so HAPPY. We had a picnic lunch at the Imagination Station (this incredible wooden play structure in downtown Brighton). Courtney has been in our ward for a few months. They are building a house really close to us, and they have the cutest little boy Brandon, that is Nora's age. We are close to playing matchmaker, but after he goes on a mission of course. When we were done playing, we went to feed the ducks, which is always an adventure. They can be mean. Notice Noras pigtails. They keep getting straighter, and longer. That eventually have to grown down... right? She has an appointment to see Dr. Madison today, so we will ask her about Pipi's hair.. I mean, Noras.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quick Update, and dealing with change!

I know it has been a while since my last post. We have beena little busy, and now my head is spinning. Sunday was Nora's first day in nursery. I thought she was fine at first, but half way through Sunday School, the primary worker came in with her saying she threw up! She got a little baby anxiety, and Jenni paid the price. Sorry Jenni about your sweater, I promise I'll make it up to you. Watch out for my weekly updates on nursery. Any advice on baby anxiety would be appreciated!

Other then that we have made a few changes in our household. It all started when Joels car was having problems. He got a promotion at work, and had to be more reliable, and the vehicle situation was holding him back. So I got a new car, and he got my car. My new car has a "way too technical" feature that I needed a new phone for. Then I didn't look right holding the new phone, so I had to get a new hair-cut/color. I don't think I can handle any more change for a while. Here are some pictures of the darling baby on her first day of nursery. And my new haircut/color. I wanted a before and after pic of my hair, but I forgot to bring my camera. Oh well! No pictures of the car, and phone, they really aren't that exciting. After the pictures, there is the email that I received from Joel about my haircut. I have to be the luckiest gal ever! He cracks me up everyday!!!!!

Subject: Loss

I woke last night in the quiet dark. I reached out with my mind then my
hand for my wife, my companion in the space between the days. I found
her easily, warm and softly breathing. Her firm arm, her smooth back,
the hollow of her neck. WAiT! Her neck!!! Where is her soft flowing hair,
auburn and scented of the one I love. Oh, its still there, just
rearranged higher around her gentle face. I breathed a sigh to dispel my
panic, snuggled my nose into her newly bared neck and floated back to sleep
full of love, peace and the beauty of my lover.

Thank you for waiting so long, i love it and you.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"The Best Bread on Earth"

Today we joined a twins club field trip. Not making any announcment, just filling in for a few absent twins. So we went to The Great Harvest Bread Company. The tour guide read a story to the kids, and taught them about seeds, and how to grow wheat, and how it turns to flour, and becomes bread. She gave the kids a tear of dough so they could knead it. Then she baked a cute Bunny Loaf. She gave all the kids their own seeds to grow, and bring in for a free cookie. How cool is that? I don't think Nora even knew what was going on, but I thought it was fun, and I loved the yummy samples, which is why we really went. :) Thanks to Julie for the invite. It was very fun.

The mom will come through another day!

This is an entry about my day yesterday. Joel went to the Tigers game on Saturday, and on the way home, encountered some minor car trouble. He called the tow company to have the car towed to the shop, then he called his wife to have him towed home! Well most shops aren't open over the weekend, we had to wait till Monday to figure out what was wrong. On Monday we found out it was a simple fix, and settled to get the work done. The shop was about 30 minutes from our house, and while Joel has a very demanding work schedule during the day, it would have to be in the morning before work, or in the evening after work until we could pick up the car. Nora and I had a very busy week planned beginning on Tuesday. My mom so very generously offered to help in any way that she could. Since she was going to work with my dad on Tuesday, I could use her car. The day consisted of... visit teaching, post office to mail a package, bank to make deposits, lunch at Costco with Nora, jewelry store to have my ring cleaned, a few other things that weren't as important. We were so excited to go visiting teaching, we got dressed up fancy, cute hair, I even put on make up for the first time in... 3 days! Then we took a walk over to Lulu's (that is what we call my mom, and she only lives 400 feet away). I went to get the key that was hanging on the key rack, except it wasn't there. I called my mom to see if I was looking in the wrong place. She knew as soon as her phone rang what she had done! She had taken the key with her on accident. I could tell in her voice that she felt so bad. At the moment I was really disappointed, I was running through my head any other option... I had NOTHIN! Looking at it a day later, it was really not that big of a deal! Things happen, and life goes on! I made the call to my Visiting Teacher, and she had totally forgotten, so that was fine. The package can go out another day. So then I tried to figure out what to do with Nora all day (being stuck at home for four days in a row, is unheard of in our house. We are always on the go!!!) The weather wasn't great, and of course all she wanted to do was play in her sandbox! I said "Too cold", she clenched up her fists, and said, "Brrrr". We called our neighbors, and asked if they wanted to come and play. So they did, and we had fun.
Kendall is 4, and her sister Zoe is 20 months. Nora loves both of them, and had a special moment with Zoe. Nora is learning to share, and be nice. Zoe is so sweet to put up with Nora while she learns. Thanks for coming to play. I learned a valuable lesson yesterday... there are so many wonderful things my mom does for me. She is pretty close to perfect, but it is nice to know she does make a mistake every once in a while. And when she does, I just recieve an extra night of babysitting! =)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Elder Ballard, Young Mothers

Elder Ballard gave a great talk on young mothers. I am sure that being a mother is the greatest blessing. It comes with daily challenges, and struggles, but as Elder Ballard said, "All are beloved of God, and He has a plan for his righteous daughters to receive the highest blessings of eternity." His words are so humbling, (if I knew how to put links on my blog, I would link to his talk, haven't figured that one out yet...Jenni???). Words of affirmation is my love language, and when I listen to our loving and caring apostles, it is enough to keep me motivated to live up to the calling. As my quiz shows, words are very important to me, whether they are coming from my loving husband, darling daughter, friends, family, or the church, they are meaningful.

Cristi, thank you for your love language post.

I feel loved when...

The Five Love Languages

My Primary Love Language is Words of Affirmation

My Detailed Results:
Words of Affirmation: 10
Acts of Service: 6
Quality Time: 6
Receiving Gifts: 5
Physical Touch: 3

About this quiz

Unhappiness in relationships is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. It can be helpful to know what language you speak and what language those around you speak.

Tag 3 people so they can find out what their love language is.

Take the Quiz!
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Mango Lassis

We had brunch at my parents before conference yesterday. We all know what an amazing cook my mom is, however, she made these delicious drinks we haven't ever had. What do you get when you mix fresh mangos, peach yogurt, vanilla soy milk, and ice? MANGO LASSIS! I guess it is a middle eastern indian drink. It was great! Thanks mom.

Wild Family Times!

I stole a few pictures from my uncles myspace page. After grandpas funeral, we had a talent show with the family. I had NO idea what talent my family had! My mom, me, my two cousins, and my aunt did a kazoo, gurgle, medley. Yeah... silly, I know... there were other talents too, like a stand up comedy act, guitar playing, Marshall arts. These next two talents, I believe are few and far between.

So this one is of my two cousins Trevor and Aaron. They are professional fire breathers. They had it all choreographed to music. It was WICKED! Crazy... but still pretty sweet!

This next one is of my Uncle Andy. He is a major biker, (Schwinn, not Harley), and has a group of bikers that he oversees. Anyway, his talent is Biking. He has a stationary bike stand. It is basically rollers that you ride on. It is easier then it looks. But he got on top of a table, with his nephews "spotting" him, and rode his bik. Then he had them turn off the lights so we could see the "spoke in word". In his spokes my grandpas name would light up. It was wild and crazy, and so cool!

This stuff puts our little gurgling act to shame! Thank you for sharing such an amazing talent! I can't believe I am actually related to these people!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mr. Sandman

On Friday we got an unexpected package, and discovered it was from Mr Sandman with a SANDBOX! It came from Granmda Sue, and Grandpa Chet. Before Nora even woke up on Saturday morning, her dada had it all put together. She calls the umbrella "baba", which is also what she calls the dog Barklee, "baba". So when she is not playing in the sand, which she did most of the day, she is staring out the back window going, "baba, baba". Thank you Grandma and Grandpa so much for this super fun toy, I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Well so today it isn't Friday, but... it was Friday yesterday, and I took pictures specifically to post. Every Friday we go to story time with our BFFs the Jacksons. It is so fun. Joni and Aubry are so fun to have as friends. They are always in the cutest MATCHING outfits, they are so nice to Nora, and Nora loves them. We have fun everytime we get together. The story time is really fun. Miss Carrie LOVES Nora, (I don't think she really likes me too much though, I talk to Jenni and Alie during the story, and she always says... "Mommies, SHHHHHH!") But there is fun songs that we sing, and dance to. Then there is a snack, and playtime, (technially I have to wait till then to talk to other mommies). But Miss Carrie is really good, and the kids love her. She has more energy then even the kids. I have three more posts that I need to finish. Have a great "General Conference" weekend.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

One "GOOD" sleeper

I have been asked a few times by the busy moms I know, "How do you have time to BLOG?" Contrary to popular beliefs, I blog only when Nora is sleeping, or playing with her dad. The great thing is, she really is a great sleeper. She is still napping twice a day, and sleeps for 12 hrs at night. So when I am all done doing my chores, and since I don't do SOAPS, I can BLOG! So I wanted to take a cute pic of Nora sleeping, but when I took it, she of course woke up, so we took some pics or her room. I had the vision of the perfect nursery. Before we moved into our house, I spent all my time and energy in the rest of the house, that I didn't even want to deal with "my vision". Seeing my issue, my dad offered to paint it for me. My dad has an amazing talent, and he put it to work for his grand daughter. He spent hours and hours in her room last summer getting it ready for her. It doesn't have anything to do with the vision that I had, but he sacrificed time out on his boat so his lil "cadoots" could have a BEAUTIFUL bedroom. SHE LOVES IT!! Thank you papa!