Friday, April 3, 2009

Saying goodbye...

Last week was one of the hardest weeks I have had in a very long time. I knew that is would be tough for us to say goodbye to everybody, but wasn't sure it would be as hard as it was. There are so many people that came to help us load up, lots of people stopped by an empty house to wish us well, and then the drive began. It was a long thoughtful drive. Thinking of all the loved ones behind us, and all the many friends, and adventures ahead of us. I took most of the pictures, because if you have ever seen my cry, you know... ITS NOT PRETTY! So, since my thoughts are as disorganized as my house, I am going to post the pictures, and add captions/stories that go along with the pic.

This is one of my activity day girls. Karyna! She came over on moving day with her dad, and little brother. They brought Nora the cutest little Travel Bag, with all sorts of fun things for Nora to do, and snacks too. They are so super, and I heard that there is a trip being planned....? Maybe after mom has baby number 5!

My great friend Jenni, makes dresses, and asked Nora to be her VA. representative. We had to try out the dresses in Michigan just to make sure they were worth making the trip.... SOOOOO ADORABLE!

On moving day, Joel assigned 2 captains... they were the ones organizing the process, and it looks very efficient! Well done boys!

We had one yummy lunch with Nana the day before the move. She is constantly cooking, and spoils up rotten. We are going to miss those lunches FOR SURE!

To get her mind off of all her things being packed up in boxes, we moved her around too!

Nora will for miss her most favorite, bestest, babysitter ever. Hayley... we already miss you. I hear there may be a trip planning in your future for you too? Maybe I can fund a cute, righteous surfer boy.... hmmmm?

Hayley's sister, Chewy! Nora has already been asking for Alli... "I go to Alli's house". We miss you! We won't even recognize you next time we see you, with braces and all! Can't wait!!!!!!!

Nana gave Nora an angle. It was so precious, and she loved it. Nana always has some little thing that she has to give the kids when they leave. Nora named the angle "Nana". Very appropriate.

Uhh... wait a minute... what happened to the orginization? YIKES! We almost needed a bigger truck!

Cousins playin for the last time before we leave. Here is one of the other things I hear, everyday, sometimes two or three times, "We go to Kys house... right now! I want to see Marley. Marley needs me!" Alie is so great at sending pictures, and videos, and they made us this super awesome picture book with loads of great pictures of the kids. Honestly, this was the hardest part of leaving. These kids are so amazing! I already miss them like crazy.

Their mom, she would be almost as amazing as her kids, if she would OPEN HER EYES, and smile for the camera. Instead, she insists on either closing her eyes, or making a goofy face! I love you Alie, you are so freakin awesome!

Nora had to go around her room that papa painted for her, and kiss all her friends goodbye. It was such a sweet moment for me. She loved this room soooo much, and misses all her bedtime friends. There is plenty of room on her walls here in VB.

Oops, one more of the Jensens! Weston was probably Noras first crush. And with those pearly whites, who could blame her?

These next few pictures get a little out of order... sorry. When we got to VB, my mom couldn't find her sunglasses, so she used the 3D ones that were in Noras toy bag. She is such a Lulu!

When Nora learned that Lulu and Papa were going on an airplane to go back to Michigan, she ran in her new room, and cried. It was too cute not to grab a picture!

Closing the door of our first home, as a family. We made some great memories there, and will always cherish the time we spent so close to my parents.

Noras BFF Avery came to say goodbye... Nora was sleeping, and since the drive ahead of us was going to be a long one, I chose to let her sleep. I said Goodbye to Avery for her. She is such a doll. We miss you Ave!

Nora loves when Uncle Matt scruffs against her lips! She thinks it is so "shunny", (funny)!

Here is the new property manager himself... leaving for his first day of his new job. I tried not to embarrass him, but I knew I wanted to blog about it. I took a few random pictures, without him realizing what I was doing, but I couldn't really ask him to pose for me. I am so proud of him! He has worked so hard, and wants only the best things for his family. I think he is so hot too! Mommy and Nora are so happy, daddy!

Having our first dinner in our new house! Not exactly living the good life yet! The Chinese place that the GPS gave us... NOT GOOD! We are going to have to do some exploring for a good Chinese place here! Jade Garden... C-!

Here we are! Everything unloaded! Now we just have to find what we need! We are 3/4 of the way done! What a process. I should probably be doing that now, nah.... blogging is more fun.

Nora was playing in the truck, and really wanted me to grab something for her. Why, my loving husband thought this was the right time to snap a shot... well, maybe he liked what he saw?

We had my dad take a picture of us in front of our new house. Note to self: 50 years old= not able to focus! Anyway, here is our little family, ready to take on the world! The window behind us is in perfect focus though!

GPS in one hand, Blackberry in the other... knock em dead baby!!!


AMy said...

I am so excited for you and am i sure you won't have a hard time making tons of friends because you are so dang loveable. Hopefully you will be able to get your haouse under control soon so you can get back to the funner things in life...and yes...i said funner :)

Q'Ville said...

Welcome back to the blog. Love the tender stories. The pictures offer great documentation.

Julie Barb said...

I loved looking at all your pictures...and look forward to seeing and hearing about all your new adventures in Virginia Beach!

liso. said...

it was so fun to read your stories and see the pics...good luck with the rest of your boxes (ugggh!) - wish I could help out!

um, and you seriously look amazing! i can't believe it's been ten years when i look at you AT ALL!

Angie Cheney said...

Thanks for keeping us updated! I love all the stories too!

Sisters staying connected... said...

Your lucky I love you enough to not be mad about those pics. Life is strange without you. :( alie