Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Showers brings May flowers!

The weather here has been less then exciting this week. Today is the first day we have seen the sun all week, and it is really windy, so too cold to play outside. This weekend is supposed to be beautiful, so I hope that makes up for it.

So, we have this next door neighbor. We haven't officially met him, but have seen him in passing a few times. I think he is WAY too cool for me, and every time we pass by, I feel like a super dork! We'll call him, WAY TOO COOL FOR ME, SUPER COOL NEIGHBOR, or WTCFMSCN for short. This was our first conversation, while I was guiding Joel with the moving truck in the drive way,

WTCFMSCN: So you moved in yet?
Me: Uh? Getting there? (While I am waving Joel in)
WTCFMSCN: Alright, have a good one.
Me: Uh... ok... (wishing I wasn't responsible for the super huge moving truck about to run into the house, so that I could actually have a conversation with this guy.)

So, we talked to the other neighbors, and found out that he owns a surf shop on the beach. Which explains why he is too cool for us. We have never surfed, or really even known any surfers. But from what I see on movies, they are always in a different COOL league then us. Maybe, being down here in VB, we can becomes surfers, and start to "Hang" with more surfers! How fun??? These were all my thoughts until conversation number 2:

I am cleaning out the car, and Nora is running crazy around the yard. He pulls up, and I make it a point to say:
Me: Hey! How are ya?
WTCFMSCN: Pretty good. I just got off work, so life is good.
Me: Oh, great! Well, enjoy the rest of your day
WTCFMSCN: (Whatever lady!)

So, I again feel totally stupid. I couldn't even come up with something clever to say. Just, "Great". What is wrong with me? Well, you think after that, I would just learn to keep my mouth shut. But, no! I have to be little miss chatty, and have to talk to everyone who walk by. After today, I am done talking. If he talks, I will just shake my head and nod! That's it! Here was our conversation today:

Nora and I were playing hop scotch on the driveway. It was chilly, so I had my hood to my sweatshirt over my head. Which in my mind could be sort of cool? Better then looking at my messy wind blown hair. He walks out of his house.
Me: Hey there! How are you?
WTCFMSCN: EH? This weather sucks! I just want it to get warm!
Me: Yeah, me too! I hate it!

That was it! Come on! I have lived in AWFUL weather my whole life. At least the sun is out, and there isn't snow on the ground. The weather is great! All I could say was, "Yeah, I hate it!"? HOW LAME!

So from this day forward, no more talking to WTCFMSCN! Or, only talk him when spoken to, and when I have something "COOL" to say back!

Getting on with it... Today while Nora and I were outside, she said, "I go get some ping. Be right back!" Here we go again. She has to go in and get her camera. I hope she can find it, because I have no clue where it is. She came back outside with our mini Hymn book. She calls them her "criptures". So she was singing, and reading, and passing our her "criptures". It was pretty funny.

Earlier this week, we went to the aquarium. It is really close to our house. We thought it would be a great day, with little crowds. Except we forgot it was Spring Break, and everyone and their brother were at the Aquarium. Being really dark, and really crowded, made for bad pictures. I got a membership for the year, so when all the kids go back to school, we are going to try it out again. For now, here are some pretty awful pictures! Any advice on taking pictures inside dark rooms with out a flash?

I also forgot to blog about our Easter dinner. Since Uncle Dan was in town, and NO ONE appreciates my cooking like Uncle Dan, I decided to get myself in WAY over my head! On the menu: Spiral ham, stuffed artichokes, Broccoli Rob, Cheesy potatoes, fresh bread, and a lemon cream cake for dessert. Like I said, I was in way over my head. 1) I am not that familiar with my kitchen yet, 2) a few things, I have never made before, 3) this was all on my own! No help from mommy. Once I got going, I decided, "This is gonna work. I got this!" What I didn't have was yeast, so scratch the fresh bread idea. Uncle Dan is known as "Dan Dan the bread man", so he had to have bread. He made sure that come Sunday dinner, there was bread on the table. The ham went in the oven. The potatoes went in, the cake was ready to be assembled, the rob was ready, and the artichokes just needed to be steamed. Then when it came time to putting it all on the table, everything fell apart. The ham wasn't finished, and needed about another 35 minutes, the rob was too salty, the potatoes were... great! the artichoke was burning on the bottom, but not cooked all the way through. And the cake... well the cake... was not good! It tasted good, but it was a MESS! It was almost as messy as the kitchen! Yes, that is the ironing board, and the laptop in my kitchen. Ironing board added more counter space, and laptop was so that I could follow the recipe without having to hook up the printer, and printing it off. YIKES! I am glad it is over, and I am glad that I did it! I was just ready for a nap afterwards. Also, you will notice 3 cans of DIET coke! One on every surface. I can't cook a meal without it! Thank you diet coke for making this less painful then it could have been!

That trampy mermaid isn't supposed to be in the pictures either, but we can't seem to get rid of her. We are learning to love all of our mermaids, even the ones that may act promiscuous.


Q'Ville said...

WOW, what a spread. The artichoke is HUGE. I think it would take a week to cook that bad boy thru and thru. I'm sure the warmth of VA keeps frosting a little extra creamy all the time. Broccli Rabe can get too salt; its just so fun to sprinkel those kosher flakes. I'd love to see pix of your family in the Easter Sunday threads. This will be fun to listen to the tales of WTCFMSCNG. Is that right? A part of me hopes you never, ever learn his name so that he can be forever in our hearts WTCFMSCNG. xox LuLu

Caldiero Family said...

What do you stuff your artichokes with? I have never stuffed mine THAT full - but after your experience maybe that is a good thing. Hmmm, maybe artichochokes for dinner tonight. Tasha loves them, Cassie is still getting there.

AMy said...

i love the trampy mermaid...

Anonymous said...

The Cake was great!


Jean Smith Photography said...

WTCFMSCN....you are so funny! be careful what you say on here about WTCFMSCN, because one day you will be bff's and he will read your blog.

haha! cold and crummy weather eh? well, take that...it is sunny and between 60-70 degrees here right now. for ONCE...our weather is better than someone elses...

Jean Smith Photography said...

oh, and the mermaid IS hot. kind of reminds me of you...

Sisters staying connected... said...

You make me smile. Your neighbor is not that cool...I am sure of it. When I get there, we will figure him out. I appreciate your food way more than Dan does?! I always love it & I miss it right now! And yes, that mermaid is a skank...but we must love all of Heavenly Fathers children...right? Kiss Nora for us!

liso. said...

HA! this post cracked me up.
1. diet cokes.
3. trampy mermaid

and i would love to be able to see nora's blog...is that possible?